KLRU Q on Shakespeare 12/30

On Monday, Dec. 30th, KLRU Q takes on the myth and reality of Shakespeare.

8:55pm  Last Will & Testament – It’s the greatest literary mystery of all time: who wrote the works of William Shakespeare? Although the official story of a Stratford merchant writing for the London box office has held sway for centuries, questions over the authorship of the plays and poems have persisted. Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Charles Dickens and Orson Welles are among the many famous figures who doubted that a grain-dealer from Stratford-Upon-Avon was England’s “Star of Poets.” From Executive Producer Roland Emmerich, Derek Jacobi leads a cast featuring literary experts, and actors Vanessa Redgrave and Mark Rylance in a quest to uncover the truth behind the world’s most elusive author and discover a forgotten nobleman whose story could rewrite history.

9:55pm  Shakespeare Lost, Shakespeare Found – Tells the fascinating story behind the bold 20-year project by world-renowned Shakespeare scholar Dr. Gary Taylor to recreate The History of Cardenio (1613), a lost work written by William Shakespeare and his early collaborator, John Fletcher. Despite its impressive pedigree, The History of Cardenio remains shrouded in mystery because the 400-year-old play did not survive the ravages of time. The documentary culminates with the first full-scale production of the work at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus, where academics from around the world comment on the play’s authenticity, casting choices, plot additions and controversial ending.

10:25pm  Shakespeare’s American Home – This documentary is an in-depth look at Staunton Virginia’s American Shakespeare Center. This documentary tells the story of how a small Shenandoah Valley touring troupe grew to be one of the most respected and unique theater companies in the world. Celebrating ASC’s 25th anniversary, the documentary features interviews with ASC Director of Mission Ralph Cohen and ASC Artistic Director Jim Warren, as well as other staff and multiple actors from ASC’s 2013 Actors’ Renaissance Season Troupe. Produced and Directed by George Lilly.