Downton Abbey Returns January 2014

This season of Masterpiece‘s Downton Abbey finds aristocrats coping with last season’s shocking finale. Change is in the air as three generations of the Crawley family have conflicting interests in the estate. Tune in January 2014 for all new episodes.

1/5 Part 1 at 8 pm
Six months after Matthew’s death, Mary is mired in grief, and the family and servants try to help her face a future without Matthew. Meanwhile, both Tom Branson and Carson face figures from their pasts, and Edith experiments with modernism.

1/12 Part 2  at 8 pm
The fates of several characters converge at an opulent house party where a famous guest performs and a new friendship forms. But the flurry of guests and their servants put Mrs. Patmore on edge, Branson ill-at-ease, and Anna in peril.

1/19 Part 3 at 8 pm
Love is in the air at Downton Abbey and darker emotions too, as Mary, Edith, Tom, and Anna each struggle with a dilemma. Things are cooking for Ivy and Alfred, and heating up in London.

1/26 Part 4 at 8 pm
Questions of estate management pit Mary and Tom against Robert, while Bates’ questions about Anna’s suffering pressure Mrs. Hughes. Thomas installs a new ally, Violet hires a new gardener, and Alfred cooks up some ambition.

2/2 Part 5 at 8 pm
Pride and prejudice mark Robert’s surprise birthday party when Rose’s potentially scandalous recruit raises eyebrows and Mary clashes with an instantly antagonistic man of the people. Bates and Anna step out, and Edith gets troubling news.

2/9 Part 6 at 8 pm
Downton’s drove of pigs arrive, Robert departs, an unwelcome visitor appears, and illness descends. Mary and Blake may have found common ground, but Edith faces her troubles alone.

2/22 Part 7 at 9 pm
Robert and Thomas return from America, Bates makes a surprise trip to York, Edith prepares to go abroad, and suitors flock to Mary. Branson helps someone move on, and Rose makes her move.

2/3 Part 8 at 8 pm
The drama and intrigue come to a head for the Craweley family and their servants in the exciting finale of Downton Abbey, Season 4.