Create Marathons in December!

KLRU Create will have Saturday and Sunday marathons this December!

Craft in America
December 7
This marathon is for the crafting community! What’s your craft of choice? Get inspiration by the man artists and the mediums they choose to express themselves. From woodworking to quilting, from painting to glass blowing, you’ll get a history lesson of craft in America.

Be Cool
December 14
Pack your winter gear, we’re going on a jaunt to the some of the coldest regions in the world. Burt Wolf, Joseph Rosendo and Art Wolfe will take you on unforgettable journey through Alaska and Switzerland. Chef Tina Nordstrom is on a great adventure in Sweden – ice fishing and reindeer races are just some of the exciting activities she’ll be participating in. ou’ll have no choice but to be coo when this marathon is on.

Joy to the World 
December 21
Join us as we celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa with the help of some of our favorite Create friends. With traditions of the holidays provided by travel expert and cultural historian Burt Wolf; and holiday recipes from Mary Ann Esposito, Katie Brown and Ian Knauer, you’ll be celebrating the season with warmth and good cheer. Happy Holidays!

Midnight Celebration
December 28
Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re having a New Year’s open house and you’re invited! Indulge in the tasty appetizers prepared by our exceptional chefs Hubert Keller, Katie Brown, and Andreas Viestad. Then, toast to the New Year with globe trekker Rick Steves, as you tour France’s Champagne Region. We’re planning to bring in 2014 with an unforgettable party and we hope that you’ll be there too!.