Q Night at the Movies 11/30

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

KLRU-Q’s Saturday Night at the Movies presents a full-length feature film every Saturday night, plus extra content that gives the evening an exciting spin. Each film explores the work of legendary actors and actresses through many important films from their careers. Here is a peek of what this Saturday has in store:

Energy At The Movies at 7:05 pm
From the gushing geysers of Giant, to the plutonium-powered time machines of Back to the Future, Hollywood has entertained us with unforgettable, often iconic images of energy. Whether intentional or not, films frequently serve as a snapshot of society, capturing sentiments of each time period. Many films have themes that memorialize collective optimism, fears and observations about energy. Using film clips as a historical road map, Energy at the Movies is an entertaining lecture by energy expert and University of Texas at Austin professor Dr. Michael E. Webber about the ways influence how we think about energy, and in turn, and how we influence energy policy.

Hollywood Stars Film Package Giant at 8 pm
George Stevens won an Academy Award for his direction of this legendary film based on Edna Ferber’s novel about a wealthy Texan (Rock Hudson) who marries a strong-willed beautiful woman (Elizabeth Taylor). Their adjustments to life on their ranch are interwoven with problems of Mexican workers and an ambitious young ranch hand (James Dean) who becomes an oil tycoon. Recently selected by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 greatest

Just Seen It Episode #407 at 11:30 pm
JUST SEEN IT is the review show where industry professionals present their takes on current movies and TV shows, and interview Hollywood insiders.