Highlights November 10 – November 16

KLRU Highlights

Into Deep Space: The Birth Of The Alma Observatory Sunday at 1:30 pm traces the engineering, construction, and scientific discoveries of the most powerful observatory on Earth – the ALMA telescope in the Chilean Andes.

Father Brown presents The Man In The Tree Sunday at 10 pm. When Lady Felicia finds a stripped and injured man stuck up a tree, Sid is implicated as the perpetrator. Can Father Brown prove his innocence, or has Sid gone too far this time?

Operation Appreciation Sunday at 6 pm follows Georgetown volunteers as they collect cookies, brownies and doughnuts from local stores, and baked goods made by people in the community to distribute at the Fort Hood Army base.

Secrets Of Althorp – The Spencers Sunday at 7 pm tours the house of the Spencers, one of Britain’s most eminent aristocratic dynasties that have lived for over 500 years at Althorp.

Masterpiece presents The Paradise, Part Six Sunday at 8 pm. Katherine turns The Paradise upside-down as she prepares for what promises to be a dazzling society event.

Masterpiece presents Downton Abbey, Series 2 – Part 5 Sunday at 10. As the war nears its end, Downton’s aristocrats and servants put their lives back together. Mary and Sir Richard go estate hunting. A mysterious wounded officer makes a shocking revelation.

Antiques Roadshow throws its hat in the ring with this special edition, a salute to the presidential election and the keepsakes of political battles long past in Politically Collect on Monday at 7 pm.

JFK: American ExperiencePart One premieres Monday at 8 pm. Follow JFK’s rise to power from his birth to his election as president in 1960.

Kennedy Half-Century chronicles the impact and influence of John F. Kennedy’s life, administration and tragic death on the general public, the media and every subsequent U.S. president, on Monday at 7 pm.

African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross  Tuesday at 7 pm portrays the Jim Crow era, when African Americans struggled to build their own worlds within the harsh, narrow confines of segregation.

JFK: American Experience – Part Two Tuesday 8 pm follows Kennedy into the White House through his assassination and the unfulfilled promise of his presidency.

The Mind of a Chef highlights both the people and food of Charleston by preparing an epic outdoor feast on his friend’s farm in Low Country BBQ, Tuesday 10 pm.

On Story presents James Franco: A Look Inside 127 Hours Tuesday 10:30 pm. James Franco reveals his unique experience working on 127 Hours and the collaboration approach from cast and crew to fulfill the tension needed to capture this true and tantalizing story.

Nature‘s Parrot Confidential Wednesday 7 pm presents a loveable, quirky cast of parrots that reveal their unforgettable tales and the bittersweet world they share with humans.

Discover how state-of-the art forensic tools would be applied to the JFK investigation were it to happen today as NOVA presents Cold Case JFK Wednesday at 8 pm.

Secrets of the Dead present JFK: One PM Central Standard Time Wednesday a 9 pm. This episode chronicles minute-by-minute JFK’s assassination as it was revealed in the CBS newsroom from the moment the President was shot until Walter Cronkite’s emotional pronouncement of his death, one hour and eight minutes later.

Jonathan Alter stops by Overheard with Evan Smith Thursday at 7 pm. Jonathan Alter has written three New York Times best-sellers about American presidents and his most recent book is The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies.

Arts In Context presents The Intergalactic Nemesis Thursday at 7:30 pm. The Intergalactic Nemesis is a “live-action Graphic Novel,” a mash-up of the radio play and a comic book.

The Daytripper heads to El Paso, Texas Thursday 8 pm. Chet travels to the edge of Texas to discover the Wild West history of this frontier town.

Chet travels to Johnson City, Texas on The Daytripper Thursday 8:30 pm and visits President Johnson’s boyhood home and the legendary “Texas White House,” a National Historical Park.

POV presents The City Dark Thursday at 9 pm, providing a fascinating introduction to the science of the dark and an exploration of our relationship to the stars.

Great Performances presents Rodgers And Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! Friday at 9 pm. Celebrate the 70th anniversary of “Oklahoma!” and tune in for a special commemorative encore telecast from London’s national Theatre.

Sample the sumptuous art treasures of Venice and exploring its back-street wonders with Rick Steves’ Europe Venice And Its Lagoon Saturday at 10:30 am.

Make the most of small spaces with an artistic spin using upcycled objects with Central Texas Gardener’s Small Garden Ideas With Upcycled Materials Saturday at noon & 4 pm.

Jim James / The Black Angels perform on Austin City Limits Saturday at 7 pm.