Overheard with Evan Smith: Joyce Banda

This week on Overheard, Evan Smith sits down with President Joyce Banda of Malawi. Joyce Banda is the fourth President of Malawi and the first woman to hold the office. She previously served as Vice President as well as the Minter of Foreign Affairs.

In this episode, Banda gives insight to what her childhood was like, from growing up in a tribe to attending school when others could not. Full of passion, Banda explains the experience that lead her to fight for women’s rights and how it shaped her mission to keep children in school.

President Banda explains in detail how she is transforming the country’s traditional tribal views of her childhood. She also explores her ideas to tackle Malawi’s population growth and the country’s issues with HIV/AIDS.

In a very candid portion of the interview, Evan and the Malawi president discuss the relationship between the United States and Malawi. Banda explains her country’s views on Western aid to Africa as well ways to improve relations between the U.S. and Malawi.

Make sure to catch this unique episode of Overheard with Evan Smith tonight (10/3) at 7:00 pm on KLRU. The show also airs Sunday (10/6) at 12:30 pm.