Highlights October 27 – November 2

KLRU Highlights

Dr. Leonard Moore discusses the surprising intellectual aspects of elite football and Baritone Sax musician Fred Ho performs and talks about jazz as black vanguard music on Blackademics TV on Sunday at 1:30 pm.

Husband and wife team, Drs. Keffrelyn Brown and Anthony Brown, discuss how race is avoided in classrooms and textbooks and Dr. Kevin Michael Foster discusses the challenges parents face in choosing schools for their kids on Blackademics TV Sunday at 2 pm.

Side By Side, The Science, Art And Impact Of Digital Cinema Sunday at 5:30 pm  investigates the history, process and workflow of both digital and photochemical film creation.

Secrets Of The Tower Of London goes behind the Tower’s ancient walls Sunday at 7 pm.

Masterpiece presents The Paradise, Part Four Sunday at 8 pm. Travel to the Victorian splendor of a British department store and follow the life of Denise Lovett, a shop girl who finds herself facing a future filled with never-before-imagined opportunities.

Masterpiece presents Downton Abbey, Series 2 – Part Three Sunday at 9 pm. Isobel and Cora lock horns over control of Downton’s medical role. Mrs. Bird starts a soup kitchen. And Matthew and William embark on a perilous patrol behind German lines.

Based on the short stories by G K Chesterton, Father Brown follows the kindly cleric as he solves crimes in his community. This week’s Father Brown takes on The Flying Stars Sunday at 10 pm.

Examine Miami’s Wolfsonian Museum and their large collection of World’s Fair objects with Antiques Roadshow‘s Miami Beach, Florida – Hour Three, Monday at 7 pm.

See a private collection of more than 1,000 marionettes when Antiques Roadshow presents Dallas, Texas – Hour Two Monday at 8 pm.

The two-part documentary The Graduates premieres on Independent Lens Monday at 9 pm. This is a story about how Latino students are faring in our nation’s public education system and about the American future. Part two will air Nov. 4th.

The series African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross presents The Age Of Slavery (1800 – 1860) Tuesday a 7 pm. The Age of Slavery illustrates how black lives changed dramatically in the aftermath of the American Revolution.

War Of The Worlds: American Experience Tuesday at 8 pm  and 9 pm Thrusday explores the unprecedented event of Orson Welles’ infamous radio drama, “War of the Worlds.”

The Retirement Gamble raises troubling questions about how America’s financial institutions protect our retirement savings, premiering on Frontline Tuesday at 9 pm.

The Mind of a Chef explores preservation techniques that are critical components of southern culture with Preserve on Tuesday 10 pm.

Nature Wolverine: Chasing The Phantom Wednesday at 7 pm takes viewers into the secretive world of the largest and least known member of the weasel family to reveal who this dynamic little devil truly is.

NOVA‘s mini-series Making Stuff Colder takes a wild ride through the cutting-edge science that tis powering a next wave of technological innovation Wednesday at 8 pm.

Raw To Ready presents Mack Truck Wednesday at 9 pm. Explore the durable and fuel-efficient Mack Pinnacle, an engineering achievement made possible by platinum, petroleum, copper, manganese and polyurethane.

Overheard with Evan Smith at Thursday at  7 pm presents a conversation with singer/songwriter Aimee Mann.

Arts In Context presents Masters of Ceremony Thursday at 7:30. Riders Against The Storm build a community around a love of hip-hop and healing. Their bombastic music leads the charge as they seek to enlighten their audiences.

Join Haunted Texas for a visual exploration into the history of Peyton Colony, Texas Thursday at 8 pm. The episode reveals the mysterious nature of certain events occurring today and creates a compelling approach to history that audiences will find intriguing.

The Daytripper recaps some of his spookiest trips to some of Texas’s most-haunted destinations in Spooky, Texas on Thursday at 8:30 pm.

American Masters presents Lou Reed: Rock And Roll Heart Friday at 9 pm. This film takes an in-depth look at Lou Reed’s achievements, from his role as lead singer/songwriter for the Velvet Underground and through his prolific 25-year career.

Austin City Limits presents indie rock with Vampire Weekend / Grizzly Bear Friday at 10 pm.

Central Texas Gardener shows you how to Grow Olive Trees Saturday at noon & 4 pm. Get insider tips on pressing pure organic olive oil from Texas hill County Olive Company.

Country legends Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell return to the Austin City Limits stage Saturday at 7 pm.