Halloween on KLRU-Q

Enjoy an evening of spooky programming on KLRU-Q this Halloween. October 31st features androids, ghosts and devils for your enjoyment!

7:59 pm – Android Prophecy 
For almost a century, Hollywood has been warning us of a future where human beings become enslaved by the machines they created. But has the time come to take the seemingly outlandish imagination of science fiction seriously? Drawing disturbing conclusions about our impending mechanical domination, THE ANDROID PROPHESY, narrated by actor Tom Baker (Doctor Who), investigates the parallels between science fiction and science reality. Over the years technology has matured on screen and innovations in artificial intelligence and bio technology are making it harder to distinguish man from man-made. The debate is set, who has the upper hand: the great minds of Hollywood, or the world’s leading scientists? Featuring an array of clips from the distant world of ‘Lost in Space’ to the domestic horror of ‘The Stepford Wives, THE ANDROID PROPHESY investigates the parallels between movie director fantasy and science reality by bringing together legendary filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott as well as pioneers in cyborg research.

9:00 pm – Britain’s X-Files
The amazing true stories of Britain’s X-Files are uncovered for the first time. In 1950, a spate of UFO (unidentified flying object) sightings by Royal Air Force pilots inspired the British Government to set up the top-secret Flying Saucer Working Party. In 1952, UFOs reappeared over southern England and, sensationally, over the White House in Washington. As panic escalated, Winston Churchill demanded to know what was going on and the Ministry of Defence set up a permanent UFO Investigation Unit. We now know that over the next 50 years, the government unit secretly investigated and dismissed hundreds of UFO sightings. Why did it take so many years for the Government to admit its activities? This film travels back in time to examine the political climate in the early 1950s.

9:50 pm – Ghosts On The Underground
GHOSTS ON THE UNDERGROUND is an unconventional journey through the oldest public transport system in the world seen from a chillingly unfamiliar perspective. One billion people a year, from all over the world, descend deep below London into the tunnels and stations of the underground, without a second thought for the huge number of graves, church crypts and plague pits that tube construction has disrupted over the years, nor about accidental deaths that have occurred on the network.

10:39 pm – Haunted Texas: Peyton Colony 
A half hour visual exploration into the history of Peyton Colony, Texas in the Texas Hill Country. Going back in time the program introduces you to the people and places that existed in Peyton Colony also known as Freedman’s Colony, a settlement established by former slaves after the Civil war. As the story of this unique area unfolds, HAUNTED TEXAS, reveals the mysterious nature of certain events occurring today. New residents in the vicinity of this abandoned community report visions of African Americans dressed in period clothing, as if time never passed. The producers along with the show’s host, Jeanine Plumer, interview current property owners and descendants of those who established the colony. They investigate the possibility of ghosts, spirits or angels that may exist in the area with highly sensitive recording equipment during an eerie late cold night. This is a revealing program about the possibility of spirits remaining behind. Steeped in history and fact, HAUNTED TEXAS creates a compelling approach to history that audiences young and old, from all walks of life will find intriguing.

11:07 pm – Plainspirits 
PLAINSPIRITS presents history with a twist. Based upon Beth Cooper’s book, Ghosts of Kansas, PLAINSPIRITS features the first-hand paranormal experiences of dozens of Kansans. Each interviewee describes their encounters with inexplicable spiritual activity, ranging from mysterious shadow figures and stirrings in the attic to phantom cigar smoke and baffling piano music. Longtime residents and business owners explain the historical significance of haunted venues, including former funeral parlors, hotels, underground cities and a former governor’s mansion.

11:35 pm – Devil We Know
The image of the devil is recognized throughout the world. Commonly referred to as Satan, Beelzebub, demon, Lucifer, old serpent, and the wicked one, the devil conjures up a variety of names and representations in spoken and written language and in the arts. But just who is the devil? Where does the familiar image of the devil come from? What does it mean? And why are we both attracted and repulsed by it? THE DEVIL WE KNOW attempts to answer these questions through manifestations of this evil spirit in the arts and popular culture.