Documentary focuses on weight issues

To some, weight-loss surgery can seem like an almost magical experience, in which individuals lose hundreds of pounds in just one shot. But in reality, it’s a long, difficult, and often disorienting journey. A moving new documentary – All of Me – humanizes a group of Austin-area women grappling with obesity, body-image, friendships, relationships and eventually this process of surgery.

All Of Me from filmmaker Alexandra Lescaze will have its Texas premiere in Austin Film Festival on Sunday, October 27 at 3:00 PM at Highland Galaxy. It will screen a second time on Wednesday, October 30 at 7:15 PM at Long Center Rollins Theater. All of the film’s primary subjects will be in attendance at both screenings. KLRU’s Bill Stotesbery will moderate the panel discussion on Sunday.

The “Girls” have been friends—and fat—for years. Their bond goes deep and wide, literally and figuratively. They are smart, intuitive, complex, warm, and compelling and speak openly about their inner lives. The Girls met via the Austin chapter of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and partied together among Austin’s Big Beautiful Women community. Meanwhile they tried every diet and every pill. Now they’re going through the life-changing process of weight-loss surgery in an effort to lose hundreds of pounds. The experience presents a host of issues and consequences—some they knew they were in for, some they feared, and some they never could have imagined.

Alexandra Lescaze, Director/Producer, is a NY-based documentary filmmaker and the Executive Director of the Sidney Hillman Foundation, home of the annual Hillman Prizes in Journalism and monthly Sidney Awards, honoring excellence in journalism in service of the common good. Her first film, Where Do You Stand? Stories From An American Mill, documented the 25-year effort of North Carolina textile workers to organize a union in the face of modernization and globalization. Her current film, All ofMe, will air on PBS’ Independent Lens series during its 2013-2014 season.

All of Me is a co-production of Mighty Fine Films, Inc., and Independent Television Service (ITVS), produced in association with KLRU-Austin, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).