Design Squad Summer ’13

It was the summer of “imagineering,” and students at M Station were keeping busy learning about famous scientists, engineers, and other topics of human ingenuity during their 8-week summer learning program. With the guidance of KLRU and as part of the Ready to Learn Transmedia Demonstration Station project, M Station’s teen program was also able to take part in some extra special activities with the help of the Design Squad challenge series.

Design Squad is WGBH’s Emmy and Peabody Award-winning reality competition series that lets kids design and build their own creations. The Design Squad teams are challenged to transform raw materials into workable solutions for real-world clients. From creating flying remote-controlled football targets for Hasbro or dryland sleds for the Jamaican dogsled team, this group of kids really put their smarts to test!

Much like the kids of Design Squad, the kids at M Station were presented with a series of challenges once a week during the summer months. They built newspaper tables sturdy enough to carry heavy books, paddle boats powered by rubber bands, and even zip lines! These activities were just a few of many challenges found in the Design Squad challenge guides, which are currently available online for teachers, parents, you, your neighbors, your grandparents – everyone! For details about these challenges, and to try out some new projects for yourself, visit the Design Squad Guide page here!