Wild Friday Night on KLRU Q 8/16

Wild!, “Chasing Wild Horses” at 8:05 pm
When Roberto Dutesco, New York City’s top fashion photographer, discovered remote Sable Island, located off the shores of Nova Scotia, he became obsessed with the natural beauty of the untouched and unclaimed wild horses which have roamed the sandy dunes since the 1700s.

Wildlife Safaris, “Savannah Journeys” at 9:00 pm
The wide-open grass and woodlands of the world provide vast habitats for a myriad of creatures and plant life. Alice Springs in the Australian Outback supports a huge variety of colorful birds, including Australia’s national bird, the emu. Among the others who call the Outback home, are the mythical kookaburra, the thorny devil lizard and about a half million camels, as well as the star of the Outback, the red kangaroo. On the African continent, the Masai Mara is one of the world’s oldest ecosystems. It boasts the biggest of flying birds, the Marabou stork, and the fastest creature on earth, the cheetah. The region is also the location of one of the greatest of wildlife spectacles, the migration of the wildebeests. This episode also explores the ecologically diverse ecosystem in Brazil, the Cerrado.

Nature‘s Power Revealed, “The Power of Water” at 10:00 pm
The importance of water in shaping earth’s landscape and its role in the survival of civilization.