Local Food Around the Country on Monday 8/12

Local and sustainable food is the focus of the night on KLRU Q for August 12th!
Eating Alabama at 8:00pm
A filmmaker turns the camera on himself as he and his wife upend their lives in pursuit of local food. Returning to their home state of Alabama, Andrew Beck Grace and his wife Rashmi set out to eat the way their grandparents did – seasonally and locally. But they soon realize (after clocking over 700 miles from farm to farm for their first batch of groceries) that everything about the food system has changed since their families stopped farming a generation back. What follows is an introspective and funny meditation on community, sustainability and identity.
Eating Alaska at 9:00pm
A serious and humorous film: about connecting to where you live and eating locally; about trying to break away from the industrial food system when that means not only buying fresh seasonal food from local farmers, but taking part in a world of hunting and gathering. Made by a former city dweller now living on an island in Alaska and married to fisherman and deer hunter, it is a journey into regional food traditions, our connection to the wilderness and to what we put into our mouths. The film portrays a wry quest for safe, healthy, meaningful, and sustainable food that leads to climbing mountains with women hunters, scrutinizing food labels with kids, talking moose meat with teens in a small village public school, and exploring how others in the last frontier, Alaska Natives and non-Natives, are eating.Smokin’ Fish at 10:00pm
Cory Mann is a quirky Tlingit businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau, Alaska. He gets hungry for smoked salmon, nostalgic for his childhood, and decides to spend a summer smoking fish at his family’s traditional fish camp. The unusual story of his life and the untold history of his people interweave with the process of preparing the food as he struggles to pay his bills, keep the IRS off his back, and keep his business afloat. By turns tragic, bizarre, or just plain ridiculous, this film tells the story of one man’s attempts to navigate the messy collision between the modern world and an ancient culture.