Go Inside Your Body with KLRU Q on 8/13

On August 13th, KLRU Q will take you inside your body and show you its constant battle against infectious diseases.

Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague at 8:05pm
Patient Zero is a flight attendant, stricken with what she thinks is chicken pox. She lands in Montreal and goes to a hotel room to recover. A few weeks later she is back on the job – unaware of her role in an impending public health catastrophe. OUTBREAK juxtaposes this fictional, modern-day scenario with the 1885 Montreal smallpox epidemic during which 20,000 people were infected and 3,000 died. Based on Michael Bliss’ gripping book, it reveals the alarming reality that, more than a century later, our modern world may not be ready for the next deadly outbreak.

War Against Microbes at 9:00pm
An eye-opening journey through the important advances in our understanding of infectious diseases.

Body’s Secret Army at 9:30pm
This eye-opening journey takes us deep inside the human body to explore the immune system.

Guts with Michael Mosley at 10:00pm
This program uncovers the secret life of our digestive tract in an eye-opening and detailed exploration of the side of the body we normally never get to see. Using the latest in medical imagery and a tiny state of the art camera “pill” that he swallows at the start of the film, Michael Mosley takes viewers on a remarkable journey through his own internal system. At each stage he talks to medical experts and explains the amazing functions that happen without our conscious effort. This is one of the most fundamental parts of our bodies, controlled by its own nervous system and automatically providing our energy, water and nutrients; yet unless we get sick, we rarely think about what it’s doing.