Q at the Movies 7/27

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

Just Seen It at 7 pm
We review the new Sci-Fi thriller about the search for new life in our solar system, EUROPA REPORT. Then we look at the coming-of-age comedy, THE TO DO LIST. Next, we check out the new Netflix drama, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and wrap up our show with a special tribute to Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert with a review of their favorite movies.

On Story at 7:30 pm
Writer/director Rodrigo Garcia discusses the influences of his father, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Gabriel García Márquez, and the complexities and flaws that form the nuanced characters in THE GODFATHER, CAPOTE, and his own MOTHER AND CHILD and IN TREATMENT. Followed by the harrowing Spanish short film Who Lasts Longer by writer/director Gregorio Muro in which the bond between a mother and her son are tragically tested.

Feature Film: The Thomas Crown Affair at 8 pm
In this Norman Jewison-directed caper, Steve McQueen stars as a Boston tycoon who pulls off a daring bank heist just for kicks. Faye Dunaway plays the insurance investigator who eventually falls in love with him. Won one Academy Award, nominated for one other. Cast: Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway.

Dangerous Edge: A Life of Graham Greene at 9:45 pm
This film is a portrait of a writer Graham Greene. It explores how Greene’s life both inspired great writing and drove him to attempt suicide. He was a British spy, a doubting Catholic, and a manic-depressive who wrote critically-acclaimed, best- selling novels, including The Quiet American, Brighton Rock, The End of the Affair and The Third Man. This documentary weaves Greene’s novels and movies into the story of his life: the struggle between good and evil… love and betrayal; it reveals an extraordinary man who traveled the globe to escape the boredom of ordinary existence and became a writer addicted to danger. The film is a journey in search of Greene’s most elusive character: himself. Sir Derek Jacobi narrates the film and actor Bill Nighy reads from Greene’s writing. Other major participants include novelist and screenwriter Sir John Mortimer, novelist and former SIS agent John Le Carre, award-winning literary critic and novelist David Lodge, acclaimed writer Paul Theroux, former CIA operative and author of The Great Game Frederick Hitz, Greene’s wife, Vivien, and his daughter Caroline Bourget.