Thursday is History Night on KLRU Q

June 6 (anniversary of D-Day)
8:00pm   Map Makers  “Power: The D-Day Invasion Maps” – Focuses on the top-secret invasion maps of the Normandy coast created during World War II.

8:55pm   Navy Heroes of Normandy – Veterans set out to ensure the Navy’s role in the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944 is remembered.

9:55pm   American Road to Victory “The Americans on D-Day” – Battlefield historian Ellwood von Seibold tours the D-Day landings in his 1943 Dodge Command car.


June 13
8:00pm   Hindenburg and Hitler “The Making of a Fuehrer” – The political career of Paul von Hindenburg, Germany’s chancellor from 1925 to 1934, is chronicled.

8:55pm   Hitler’s Lost Soldier – The shattering events of World War II led a German soldier to a life of exile in the United States.

9:50pm   Secrets of the Dead “Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers” – The bugging operation by MI19 that recorded confessions by 4,000 German POW’s is highlighted.


June 20
8:00pm   Escape from Iran: The Hollywood Option – The Americans rescued from Iran disguised as Hollywood executives recall the operation.

8:50pm   Ghost Army – A look at US troops who tricked the enemy with sound effects and visual illusions in World War II.

9:50pm   Return to Alcatraz – The prison island of Alcatraz, one of the country’s most mysterious landmarks, is explored.


June 27
8:00pm   Battlefield Britain  – Philip of Spain sent the biggest invasion fleet in history against Queen Elizabeth I in what was seen as a religious crusade against England’s Protestant state.

9:00pm   Broadside  “Emerging Empires Collide, Part 1”
10:00pm  Broadside #102, “Emerging Empires Collide, Part 2” 
The two-part drama-documentary BROADSIDE tells the story of how the English invasion of Dutch Manhattan sparked the first global naval war.