Create special days in July

KLRU Create will inspire you to craft something new with these Saturday theme days in July.

July 6  Professor Martha
School is back in session and Professor Martha Stewart is your teacher.  Learn the basics of cooking from the original Domestic Diva.  Lessons in roasting, stewing and sautéing are on the syllabus.  To ensure your “A,” don’t miss an episode.

July 13  Camp Create
Parents, if your children are bored now that school is out for the summer, send them to Camp Create! Camp Create has plenty of fun activities and projects that will keep them engaged, learning and happy. Your children can craft with Katie Brown, cook with Christina Pirello and garden with Michele Beschen.  The kids are sure to have a good time at Camp Create!

July 20   Great Steak
Hope you have your steak knife and napkins near by, this marathon is sure to be juicy! There’s no need to go to a Steakhouse.  Sizzling on your own grill, enjoy a great steak. Learn the tricks of the trade on preparing the perfect steak from the masters: Steven Raichlen, Lidia Bastianich and Chris Kimball.

July 27  Just Peachy
Sweet peaches are a favorite fruit of summer.  Whether they are a part of the main course or the dessert enjoy them in a variety of recipes prepared by, Ming Tsai, Jacques Pepin and Mary Ann Esposito.  This will be a peach of a marathon!