Wild! on KLRU Q – 5/10

KLRU Q will feature three Wild! episodes in a row on May 10th! Tune in and explore the animal world with three exciting films.

8:00Animal Inventors: Animal Engineers
The animal world is a vast untapped reservoir of engineering design and technology. This film explores the design principles that the natural world has been built on and looks at the parallels in the human world, demonstrating that animals beat us to the patent office by several million years with solutions to many of the great engineering challenges.

8:59Animal Inventors: Animal Magicians
Episode two reveals some of nature’s most powerful secrets from medical solutions for cancer and diabetes to finding the answers to the most vexing of questions, such as how can humans live longer, love longer and live in outer space?

9:58Animal Inventors: Animal It
This film explores the world of animal senses and animal intelligence. We may think we’re the smartest creatures on earth but animals often see and hear far more than we can. Their senses are more finely tuned and their responses much faster. Human roboticists are now turning to animal tech for inspiration in building the next generation of artificially intelligent machines.