KLRU Launches Smart Screen Time Initiative For Summer

KLRU announced a Smart Screen Time / La Pantalla Inteligente Initiative to connect Central Texas families and kids to PBS content, videos, games and apps and to use them to explore the world beyond the screen.  “We know that as school ends more and more kids are going to be watching television, playing games on tablets and using their parents’ phones to play apps,” said Ben Kramer, VP Educational Services at KLRU,“ and we want to encourage families to be smart about their choices.”

Smart Screen Time is about finding good content, using it in smart ways, and knowing when to turn off devices. KLRU has developed five guidelines for parents and caregivers to follow when watching a television show or playing online with their kids.  They are:

  • Knowing the difference between “smart time” and “silly time.”
  • When the brain slows down, turn the screen off.
  • Talk throughout the day with your children.
  • Watch and play on screens together.
  • Read at home every day.
    Get more details about each of these guidelines

To combat the summer learning loss KLRU will be offering 11 hours of uninterrupted non-commercial children’s programs each weekday as well as launching klrukrids.org.  www.klrukids.org connects learners of all ages 2 and up to a plethora of curriculum-based video, games and apps that teach math, literacy, and more.   These resources in both English and Spanish, will allow kids to have Smart Screen Time while also having fun.  All of the activities featured on klrukids.org embody the PBS Kids spirit that “anytime is learning time” and “learning can be fun.”

For parents, klrukids.org also features a curated list of apps and bookmarks from PBS and elsewhere that the KLRU Educational Services staff recommends for learners of all ages 2 and above.   These resources should be used as a starting point for learning and should be used to encourage families to come together and to explore the world around them.

Throughout the year more than 25,000 families and kids connect with KLRU face-to-face through our workshops and events. Many more do so by watching the award-winning children’s shows on KLRU or visiting a PBS Kids web site.  In all of our work on-air, online, mobile or face-to-face, KLRU encourages Smart Screen Time. As learners of all ages, but particularly the youngest, increasingly turn to smart devices as a primary source of information and entertainment, KLRU wants to share the power of digital learning as well as our cautions for excessive or unwise use.

KLRU Educational Services engages with the Central Texas public in a remarkable number of ways on-air, online and in the community. KLRU and PBS KIDS are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based media, using new and traditional platforms to support children in their acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking skills while empowering their imagination and curiosity of the world.