KLRU Q science & Sci-Fi Tuesdays in June

KLRU Q Featured

June 4: Watch the skies!
8:00pm   POV “The City Dark” - A fascinating look at the science of the dark and an exploration of our relationship to the stars.

9:00pm   POV “Nostalgia for the Light” - Archaeologists dig for ancient civilizations and astronomers scan the sky in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

10:30pm  Doctor Who “The Girl Who Waited” - Amy is trapped in a quarantine for victims of an alien plague that will kill the Doctor in a day.


June 11: Doctor Who mini-marathon
8:00pm   Doctor Who “The God Complex” - The TARDIS lands in a hotel that has a room for every visitor that contains their darkest fears.

9:00pm   Doctor Who “Closing Time” - In the last few days of his life, the Doctor visits his old friend Craig and encounters a mystery.

10:00pm  Doctor Who “The Wedding of River Song” - The Doctors knows that there is only one thing can keep the universe safe – his own death.


June 18: Heroism in the face of disaster
8:00pm   Damrell’s Fire – Traces the extraordinary life of Boston’s fire chief whose leadership helped save the city in 1872.

9:00pm   Saving The Titanic – The story of the engineering crew who fought to hold back the power of the sea as the Titanic sank.

10:00pm  Doctor Who “The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe” – A mysterious gift from a madcap caretaker leads Madge Arwell and her kids to a magical wintry world.


June 25: The Power of Nature
8:00pm   Nature’s Power Revealed “Power of Fire” - Examines the destructive force of volcanoes such as Mt. Vesuvius and how they shape the landscape.

9:00pm   Nature’s Power Revealed “The Power of Water” - The importance of water in shaping earth’s landscape and its role in the survival of civilization.

10:00pm  Nature’s Power Revealed “The Atmosphere” – The effects of tornados, lightning storms and wind and strange weather occurrences are showcased.