Highlights: May 19 to May 25

KLRU Highlights

Great Performances At The Met presents Rigoletto at 2 pm Sunday. Director Michael Mayer has placed his new production of Verdi’s towering tragedy in Las Vegas in 1960.

Jenny’s own jubilation comes in the form of potential love interest on Call The Midwife Episode #208 at 7 pm Sunday.

Tragedy strikes on the day polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton comes to the store on Masterpiece Mr. Selfridge, Part 8 at 8 pm Sunday.

60’s Pop Flashback: Hullabaloo at 10 pm Sunday returns to the era of go-go dancers, mod mini-skirts and swinging pop-rock sounds.

Antiques Roadshow at 7 pm Monday visits the Space Needle in Seattle and talk about World’s Fair posters.

American Masters at 8 pm Monday takes a look at the life of Mel Brooks, a comedy giant of our time that has earned more major awards than any other living entertainer.

On Protect Your Memory With Dr. Neal Barnard at 9:30 pm Monday, Barnard dives into three simple steps which you can take to derail the degenerative processes that could otherwise derail you and your memory.

Ghost Army at 7 pm Tuesday tells the true story of American G.I’s who ricked the enemy with rubber tanks, sound effects and visual illusions during the World War II.

Constitution USA With Peter Sagal Created Equal at 8 pm Tuesday takes a in-depth look on how the notion sof citizenship, equal protection, due process and personal liberty are being used to fight for same-sex marriage, voting rights, affirmative action and immigration reform.

Frontline The Untouchables at 9 pm Tuesday investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped persecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages.

On Story presents Explosive Action at 10 pm Tuesday. The writers behind Wanted, The Bourne Ultimatum, Con Air, and Snitch discuss how they use action scenes to further the plot, convey tension, and build toward a satisfying climax.

On Mel Leipzig: Everything is Paintable at 10:30 Tuesday, the renowned realist painter from Trenton, New Jersey is profiled in this documentary filmed over three years by producer Eric Schultz.

Nature presents The White Lions at 7 pm Wednesday. This is the story of two remarkable and extremely rare white lion cubs on their journey to adulthood.

NOVA Secrets Of The Sun at 8 pm Wednesday reveals a bright new dawn in our understanding of our nearest star-one that might help keep our planet from going dark.

Secrets of the Dead  Airmen And The Headhunters at 9 pm Wednesday investigates a fantastic WWII tale of jungle ambushes, extreme engineering, blow darts defenses, and enemy headhunting.

Overheard with Evan Smith presents award-winning American playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner at 7 pm Thursday.

The Daytripper heads to Fort Davis to visit the Davis Mountains and explore the U.S. Fort that helped settle this vast desert at 8:30 pm Thursday.

SXSW Flashback 2013 at 9 pm Thursday presents clips from and info about the films you loved or that slipped under your radar this past year.

You Don’t Know Jack Soo at 9:30 pm Thursday tells the story of the pioneering American entertainer and Oakland native who became the first Asian American to be cast in the lead role in a regular television series, “Valentine’s Day.”

Austin fifth grader student Chinmay Murthy competes in this year’s National Geographic Bee  at 1 pm Friday and 5 pm Saturday.

Rebel: Voces Special Presentation at 9 pm Friday chronicles the story of Loreta Janeta Velazquez, a Cuban-born teenager from New Orleans who fought disguised as a man during the American Civil War.

On Victory Garden presents Urban Oasis at 4:30 Saturday, Jamie Durie  visits a city oasis that sits atop the Frank Gehry – designed Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Austin City Limits presents alternative rock icon Radiohead at 7 pm Saturday.