Giddiyup with KLRU Q on May 3rd!

On May 3rd, KLRU Q will prepare you for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 4th, with an evening full of programs on wild horses!

8:00 pm – Wild!Chasing Wild Horses
Roberto Dutesco, New York City’s top fashion photographer, photographs human beauty everyday, but since childhood he has carried with him a singular artistic vision: wild, long-maned dark horses running though white sand dunes. When he discovered remote Sable Island, located off the shores of Nova Scotia, he became obsessed with the natural beauty of the untouched and unclaimed wild horses which have roamed the sandy dunes since the 1700s.

8:50 pm – Horses Of The West: America’s Love Story
As narrated by actress Ali MacGraw, Horses of the West: America’s Love Story is about horses and the people who love them. The story is an emotional journey filmed on the dramatic landscape of the American West.

9:31 pm – Wild Horses In Winds Of Change
A film that inspires stewardship of nature told through the lens of the crises facing America’s wild horses. The film tells the story of how America’s wild horses are lawfully protected but unlawfully managed by the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.

10:00 pm – Thoroughbred
This is a film about horses and the people who breed them, sell them, race them and love them. Directed by Academy Award-winning (“The Stone Carvers”) filmmaker Paul Wagner, the documentary captures the beauty of the breed, the thrilling nature of the sport and the history and tradition worldwide.