Ann Richards School Student Productions 2013

An alien named Uchi has the most unfortunate speech impediment. When he falls in love with a girl named Layla, he works to overcome his inability to tell her how he feels.

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders was founded in 2007 and serves grades 6-12. It is a unique public all-girls school in Austin, Texas dedicated to educating young women to become leaders and to provide them with the skills needed to be successful in college and beyond. Ann Richards is a college preparatory school that focuses on challenging its students through rigorous pre-AP and AP courses.

When students at Ann Richards reach ninth grade, they choose one of three pathways to learn about in their four years of high school: Media Technology, Engineering, or Biomedical. Students in the Media Technology pathway create many short films and animations, among other things, over the course of their high school years. KLRU has partnered with juniors from the Media Technology pathway to share a selection of these shorts.

The animations were completed by the sophomores over the course of a semester. Before beginning these projects, students had to develop new skills and learn software programs such as Adobe After Effects and Papagayo. The sophomores had to create original story lines and characters that they would hand draw and paint in Photoshop before beginning to animate. They also dedicated time before and after school as well as on the weekends to complete their animations.

These short films and animations are available at

Three baby chicks are playing in a field when an owl swoops down and takes one of them. The other two go to great lengths to save their fellow brother chick.