Get Wild! with KLRU Q

Tune in to KLRU – Q on Fridays, April 5th to May 26th, for back-to-back episodes of Wild!, at 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

April 12th
8:00Big Cat Challenge
Lions, cheetahs and leopards: each cat has developed its own hunting strategies, family upbringing and survival techniques. In this fast-moving one-hour special, we examine their behaviour and competitive interaction with each other to discover which is the ultimate hunter.

8:55Sharks: Scavengers Of The Seas
Before being an earthly paradise with enchanting colours, the lagoon of New-Caledonia is above all a paradise for sharks. Usually considered as fierce predators, sharks really are opportunistic scavengers. Scavengers that are not too picky when it comes to their menu: feathers, fins or fur, anything will do.

April 19th
8:00Dolphins Of The Shadowland
It’s almost impossible to study dolphins for extended periods of time in the open ocean. For this reason a pod of sixty bottlenose dolphins resident in New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound provides a unique opportunity for scientists to improve our knowledge of these mysterious, appealing mammals.

9:00Lost Whales
For 150 years, southern right whales were hunted to the brink of extinction, but the discovery of a pod in the Southern Ocean has sparked fresh hope that their numbers are increasing. Intimate underwater footage unveils the behavior of these gentle giants and gives scientists a chance to predict and protect their future recovery.

April 26th
8:00Penguin Invasion
When penguins takeover a popular South African beach resort, laughter, fun and conflict are the result.

9:00Peculiar Primate: Tarsier
Witness the alien-like Tarsier in their natural habitat and discover why the world’s oldest primate may soon simply disappear.

May episodes coming soon!