Travel Wednesday on KLRU Q

Tune in to KLRU Q and watch Globe Trekker, Billy Connolly’s Route 66, Stephen Tompkinson Australian Balloon Adventure  every Wednesday from April 10th to May 1st, beginning at 8 pm.

Globe Trekker’s season twelve begins with an eight-episode mini-series, “Around The World,” following five different hosts as they circumnavigate the globe.

8:00 – Globe Trekker
4/10 – Around The World: Across America: Route 66 & Beyond
Justine Shapiro kicks off the journey with a road trip west across the United States. Starting in Washington, DC she follows the Blue Ridge Parkway to Nashville and Memphis, birthplaces of American country and soul. After a brief countryside respite in Arkansas, Justine hits the legendary Route 66 from Oklahoma to Arizona, where she visits the world’s best preserved meteor crater.

4/17 – Around The World – Panamericana: Conquistadors, Az
Judith Jones travels south to the lands of ancient empires. In Mexico, she explores the myths and treasures that once drew the Conquistadors to a country rich in natural resources. Following their trail, her first stop is colonial Chihuahua, where Pancho Villa started the Mexican Revolution. In Zacatecas, she visits one of Mexico’s many Silver Mines and then travels along the colonial Silver Road to Mexico City, from where the Aztecs once ruled their bloodthirsty empire.

4/24 – Around The World – Panamericana: Incas & Inquisitions
Brianna Barnes journeys to Peru, home of the legendary Incas, where she begins her trek in Cajamarca, where thousands of Incan soldiers were slaughtered by Pizarro’s conquistadors. After visiting one of the world’s largest gold mines, Brianna makes her way to Lima, the “City of Kings,” once home to the Spanish Inquisition in South America. In Cusco, she learns about the golden Inca Empire before ending her journey on the volcano El Misti, where incredibly well-preserved ice mummies tell the story of the country’s illustrious past.

5/1 – Around The World – Pacific Journeys: Santiago to Pitcairn
Zay Harding begins his Pacific journey in Santiago de Chile, gateway to the culturally unique Easter Island. From here he heads to Tahiti, the Polynesian paradise that enticed Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, Captain Cook and Captain Bligh and his Bounty mutineers to stay longer than planned. Zay embarks on an ocean voyage along the waters charted by these famous explorers, including a perilous crossing to Pitcairn Island, which the descendents of the Bounty mutineers call home today.

9:00 – Billy Connolly’s Route 66
4/10 – Episode #101
Billy travels from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO visiting attractions along the way including: the Chicago Tribune Building, the Route 66 “Pie Man,” Abraham Lincoln’s home, an Amish community and the Chain of Rocks bridge.

4/17 – Episode #102
Billy travels from St. Louis, MO to Oklahoma City, OK, visiting The Gateway Arch, a Civil War re-enactment, a wolf sanctuary, a crossbow turkey hunt and the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

4/24 – Episode #103
Billy travels from Oklahoma City, OK to Monument Valley, UT, visiting a cattle auction, the Devil’s Rope (barbed wire) museum, Cadillac Ranch, a ghost town, Los Alamos and a Navajo healing ritual.

5/1 – Episode #104
Billy travels from Flagstaff, AZ to the end of Route 66 at Santa Monica Boulevard, visiting a meteor crater, the world’s deepest motel room inside a cave, Bottle Tree Ranch, and “car culture” in Pomona City, CA.

9:45 – Stephen Tompkinson Australian Balloon Adventure
4/10 – Episode #101
Stephen’s bid to win Australia’s biggest balloon competition kicks off in a dramatic fashion when his maiden flight over South Australia’s Flinders Ranges ends in a crash landing at 40 mph.

4/17 – Episode #102
Tompkinson and his pilot continue their efforts with a successful flight over the sporting mecca of Melbourne and a daring attempt to enter the record books by flying to 10,000 feet.

4/24 – Episode #103
The competition reaches its conclusion at Canowindra’s Balloon Challenge – but all the weeks of training could count for nothing if the wind isn’t on their side.