Q Night at the Movies for May

KLRU Q - Night at the Movies

KLRU Q Night at the Movies spotlights a classic film on select Saturday nights at 8 p.m. This month’s feature films will be:

5/4 – Witness For The Prosecution
An aging barrister (Charles Laughton) defends a man (Tyrone Power) for murder despite damaging testimony from the accused’s wife (Marlene Dietrich).

Alfred Hitchcock directed this thriller about a woman (Joan Fontaine) who suspects that her husband (Cedric Hardwicke) is plotting to murder her.

5/11 – Rain Man
A wheeler-dealer (Tom Cruise) meets his brother (Dustin Hoffman), an institutionalized autistic-savant and heir to $3 million.

A college basketball coach leaves the Navy in 1951 and becomes coach of an underdog Indiana high-school team.

5/18 – Planet Of The Apes
An astronaut (Charlton Heston) goes by time warp to a future planet ruled by smart apes who keep humans as slaves.

5/25 – Call Northside 777
A Chicago newsman (James Stewart) digs up the story of a scrubwoman’s son (Richard Conte) who has been framed for murder.

Presumed Guilty
“Presumed Guilty” is the story of two young lawyers and their struggle to free Tono Zuniga, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned in December 2005.