History with KLRU Q 4/29

KLRU Q presents an evening of historic extravaganza on Monday, April 29th with an array of programs.

8:50 – The Map MakersDiscovery: The Waldseemuller Map
The first episode of the series is the tale of a map now valued at 10 million dollars which has become known as the “birth certificate of America.” Within the lines marked on its surface can be traced the first discoveries of the “new world,” by 16th century explorers such as Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. But why were the new lands called America, and who were the men who first named the new continent on the famous Waldseemuller map?

9:40 – The Map MakersReligion: The Mercator Atlas
The 16th Century Europe was a time when map making and spying went hand in hand. It features Gerard Mercator, the most famous map maker to have lived, who became caught up in a dangerous plot to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I using an invasion map ordered by England’s enemies, the French. It is a story of intrigue, treason and religious turmoil, with map makers at the heart of the struggle for power in Europe. Information was power in European royal courts, and fragile maps were the key.

10:30 – North Pole Promise
Narrated by James Earl Jones, North Pole Promise is a timeless story of two American explorers and their secret legacy left behind at the North Pole 100 years ago.