Highlights: April 14 to April 20

KLRU Highlights

Elina Garanca, Giuseppe Filianoti and Barbara Frittoli star in this production of Mozart’s La Clemenza Di Tito on Great Performances At The Met at 2 pm Sunday.

Jenny is seconded to a short-staffed London Hospital to work on the male surgical ward on Call the Midwife  at 7 pm Sunday.

Ellen’s future as the Spirit of Selfridge is on the line as renowned ballerina Anna Pavlova causes a sensation at the store on Masterpiece presents Mr. Selfridge, Part 3 at 8 pm Sunday.

Orchestra of Exiles at 9 pm Sunday tells the story of one man’s four-year odyssey which culminated, in 1936, with the creation of a top-flight symphony orchestra in the desert outback of Palestine.

Antiques Roadshow explores the craftsmanship of Cincinnati carved furniture at 7 pm Monday.

Market Warriors go Antiquing In Rochester, Minnesota at 8 pm Monday to the annual Gold Rush Show, where the pickers are paired up to find something French.

Independent Lens presents Wonder Women! The Untold Story Of American Superheroines at 9 pm Monday. This program traces the evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman.

Central Park Five at 8 pm Tuesday tells the story of Tricia Meili, a woman that was found brutally raped, beaten and left for dead after jogging through Central Park in New York City in April 19, 1989.

On Story at 10 pm Tuesday presents Buck Henry: A Hollywood Story. Iconic comedic and distinctly American writer, director, and actor Buck Henry recalls his long and storied career in Hollywood.

Arts In Context presents Woman at 10:30 Tuesday. Art is enjoyed by all, but these pieces are strictly woman’s work.

James Prosek, artist, writer, and eminent naturalist, takes on the mystery of the eel, shedding light on the animal and the strange behavior it inspires in those who seek to know it on Nature  The Mystery Of Eels at 7 pm Wednesday.

NOVA   Austalia’s First 4 Billion Years: Life Explodes at 8 pm Wednesday takes viewers on a rollicking adventure from the birth of the Earth to the emergence of the world we know today.

Guts With Michael Mosley at 9 pm Wednesday uncovers the secret life of our digestive tract in an eye-opening and detailed exploration of the side of the body we normally never get to see.

Artistic Director Stephen Mills and company produce a re-staging of the acclaimed Light / Holocaust and Humanity Project on Arts In Context presents Producing Light at 7:30 Thursday.

Energy expert Dr. Michael E. Webber speaks about the ways we think about energy, and in turn, how we influence energy policy on Energy At The Movies: 70 Years Of Energy On The Big Screen at 9 pm Thursday.

Live from Lincoln Center presents Celebration: Stephanie Blythe Meets Kate Smith at 9 pm Friday. Blythe returns to Lincoln Center with her popular music show paying tribute to the great Kate Smith.

Find out how to grow your own fresh fruit, even in containers on Central Texas Gardener  Backyard Citrus And Small Fruits at noon and 4 pm Saturday.

Victory Garden presents Vertical: Think Up! at 4:30 pm. Find the best climbing plants with garden correspondent Paul Epsom and create a vertical element in the garden.

Austin City Limits presents Florence + The Machine and Lykke Li at 7 pm Saturday. Bluesy singer Florence showcases her LP Lungs, while Swedish chanteuse Li highlights her LP Wounded Rhymes.

Codebreakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes at 9 pm Saturday tells the extraordinary story of a British engineer, Tommy Flowers, and a talented British mathematician, Bill Tutte.