KLRU-Q’s Hardly Sound New Year

30 Second Season 1 Promo from Hardly Sound on Vimeo.

Ring in the New Year with great music on KLRU Q. First, we feature a documentary about one man’s quest to reunite the Kinks. Next is a mini-marathon of Hardly Sound complete with a countdown at midnight!

8:55pm – Do It Again
Geoff Edgers, a Boston Globe reporter dreading the approach of his 40th birthday, is on an unlikely quest: to reunite the surviving members of the Kinks, the long dormant British Invasion group of the 1960s who rose to the top of the rock world with hits such as “You Really Got Me,” “Lola” and “Come Dancing.” There are just two small problems: Edgars has absolutely no connection to the Kinks, aside from a passionate love for their music, and there is a long-standing feud between band members and brothers Ray and Dave Davies, who haven’t spoken to each other in years. DO IT AGAIN follows Edgers from Boston to California, and from Las Vegas to New York City. By the time he reaches London, he’s ready to confront his heroes. But are they ready for him?

9:59pm – Hardly Sound: The Bye and Bye
Follow Austin, Texas twang wave band, The Bye and Bye in their quest to understand their future through the telling of their past.

10:25pm – Hardly Sound: Bad Lovers
Dive into the world of the Austin, Texas garage rock scene with “The Bad Lovers” and all their rock ‘n’ roll cohorts as they talk about their adventurous past, hopeful future, and the sometimes tenuous friendships that they’ve formed over the years.

10:51pm – Hardly Sound: Royal Forest
Take to the skies with psychedelic rock band Royal Forest as they lead the Hardly Sound team on an epic adventure through the desert, in a submarine, and up in the air. It all culminates with the band recording a song in a tiny Cessna flying over north Austin. Royal Forest will inspire you with their spirit of adventure.

11:20pm – Hardly Sound: Emcee Eats
Join Vincent Martinez – one of the most stunningly original artists in Austin – as he lives his self-proclaimed “Jazz Life.” Then marvel at his undeniable hooks and poetic, personal lyrics as he steps into the studio as Emcee Eats.

just before Midnight —Hardly Sound producers countdown to the new year