Highlights: November 4-10

On Nature at 6 pm Sunday, scientists from around the world share their thoughts and work to help explore the scientific theory that in an effort to outwit raccoons, we are actually making them smarter and unwittingly contributing to their evolutionary success.

Call The Midwife at 7 pm Sunday and 9 pm Saturday finds Sister Monica Joan in trouble with the law, causing a frenzy within the Nonnatus House community.

On Masterpiece Classic Presents: Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2 at 8 pm Sunday, 165 Eaton Place prepares for the annual servants’ ball while Sir Hallam is about to discover just how destructive his actions have been.

Independent Lens at 9 pm Monday presents “Solar Mamas.” The documentary follows a 30-year-old Jordanian mother as she travels outside of her village for the first time to attend Barefoot College’s solar engineering program. Once there, she will join women like her from Guatemala, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Colombia to learn concrete skills to change their communities.

PBS NewsHour senior correspondents Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff co-anchor live gavel-to-gavel coverage of election results at 7 pm Tuesday.

Lonesome George And The Battle For The Galapagos at 7 pm Wednesday depicts the life of a national hero and an emblem of the ongoing struggle to preserve the unique nature of the Galapagos Islands.

NOVA at 8 pm Wednesday explores controversial recent claims that challenge decades of previous thinking about the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island, who have been accused of everything from ecocide to cannibalism, in “Mystery of Easter Island.”

NOVA ScienceNOW at 9 pm Wednesday follows New York Times tech reporter David Pogue as he meets with a menagerie of smart critters that challenge preconceived notions about what makes “us” different from “them” in “What Are Animals Thinking?”

Jeffrey Toobin discusses his newest book which explores the complicated relationship between the Obama administration and the Roberts court on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts In Context at 7:30 pm Thursday goes on a journey into the art of puppetry as the Trouble Puppet Theater produces one of their unique plays led by creative director and master puppeteer Connor Hopkins.

Accentuated by stunning imagery of America’s largest military base, Operation Appreciation at 8 pm Thursday follows volunteers as they collect cookies, brownies and doughnuts from local stores, and baked goods made by people in the community to distribute at the Fort Hood Army base.

The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday follows Chet as he travels to Dripping Springs, TX to eat at a Belgium bakery, swim in Hamilton Pool, climb Reimer’s Ranch, and polish the day off at Salt Lick.

POV at 9 pm Thursday presents a look at a new generation of Americans struggling to be both Native and modern in “Up Heartbreak Hill.”

Chihuly Outside at 9 pm Friday chronicles nearly half a century of Dale Chihuly’s epic outdoor installations, ranging from his first experiments with floating glass on water to his most recent work at the foot of Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Designer Diana Kirby illustrates how new gardeners turned old yards into gardens on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday. On tour, a couple renovates a neglected yard.

Austin City Limits Presents: Americana Music Festival 2012 at 7 pm Saturday features selected performances from the Americana Music Festival in Nashville, including Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, Alabama Shakes and more.