Highlights: November 11-17

Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise host the inaugural broadcast of the National Salute To Veterans at 7 pm Sunday, celebrating all the heroes who have served throughout America’s history.

On Masterpiece Classic Presents: Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2 at 8 pm Sunday, Beryl and Harry face a race against time to get married on the eve of the war. Meanwhile, Mr. Pritchard makes a decision that throws the running of 165 into chaos, until an old friend lends a helping hand.

Independent Lens at 9 pm Monday presents Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney’s take on the gap between rich and poor Americans in “Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream.”

American Masters at 7 pm Tuesday tells the complex story of the nation’s signature folk singer/song-writer in “Woody Guthrie: Ain’t Got No Home”.

Frontline at 8:30 pm Tuesday explores the shadow world of assisted suicide, where the lines between legality and criminality are blurred as never before, in “The Suicide Plan”.

Nature at 7 pm Wednesday follows a wood duck family and discovers how they bond, migrate together, nurture and protect a brood of chicks and come full circle as they head to their wintering grounds in “An Original Duckumentary”.

Nova at 8 pm Wednesday follows NASA’s Curiosity rover in its quest to touch down inside Mars’ Gale Crater, carrying 10 new instruments that will advance the quest for signs that Mars might have once been suitable for life in “Ultimate Mars Challenge”.

Nova ScienceNow at 9 pm Wednesday follows New York Times tech reporter David Pogue as he investigates which technologies are likely to transform daily life for you — and your grandkids – in “What Will The Future Be Like?”

Arts in Context at 7:30 pm Thursday explores the making of Generous Art, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists, while going behind-the-scenes with the group’s founder and some of the showcased artists.

Join executive producer and narrator Anthony Bourdain as he takes viewers inside the mind of noted Korean-American chef and restaurateur David Chang in The Mind of a Chef at 8 pm Thursday.

The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday follows Chet as he travels to Van Horn, TX to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park and climb Guadalupe Peak, the tallest peak in Texas. He also explores the history and Mexican food of this west Texas town.

Independent Lens at 9 pm Thursday presents “Reel Injun,”  a look at the evolution of cinema’s depiction of Native people from the silent film era to today.

Craft in America at 9 pm Friday explores America as a crossroads: a land where craft evolves from global influences, a place of exciting intersections between modern technology and the handmade.

Replace lawn or cover the ground under trees with water-wise plants on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday. On tour, a gardener created sculptural art in a healing garden to soothe cancer traumas.

Contemporary folk rock takes the stage with Mumford & Sons and Flogging Molly on Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday.

Masterpiece Contemporary at 9 pm Saturday presents a funny, bittersweet drama adapted from Christopher Reid’s captivating poem in “The Song of Lunch”.