Create Special Days in December

Starting at 10 am each Saturday, KLRU Create offers viewers themed programming to get you started on various projects. KLRU Create is on channel 18.2 over the air.

December 1 Sweet Ending
Everyone knows the best part of any meal is dessert. Join Create to indulge in the yummy goodness of cakes, brownies and cookies. Julia Child bakes a moist Vanilla Chiffon cake. Katie Brown Whips up Orange and Cherry brownies and Sugar an.d Spice cookies. Nick Stellino and Chris Kimball and company try their hand at sweet endings too. Those with a sweet tooth wiil certainly enjoy this marathon.

December 8 Gift of Giving
They old proverb states, “it’s better to give, than to receive,” with the holiday season quickly approaching be sure to gift specialists, Katie Brown, Joseph Rosendo; Donna Dewberry and Rachel Alien. They’ll take you to the finest holiday markets and you’ll learn how to add that extra special detail to a homemade gift. Show someone how muoh you care, with the gifts of love that you give.

December 15 California Dreamin’
West Coast is a dream come truel Hop a trolley in San Francisco and slp wine in Napa with Burt Wolf. Joseph Rosendo takes us far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to other parte of Los Angeles for an unexpected good time. Venture off to the beautiful island of Catalina with Doug lVloConnell. Eureka, it’s California!

December 22 Joy to the World
Celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa with the help of some of our favorite Create friends. With traditions of the holidays provided by travel expert and cultural histoilan Buit Wolf; and holiday recipestrom Mary Ann Esposito, Katie Brown and Andreas /iestad, you’l| be celebrating the season with Warmth and good cheer.

December 29 Midnight Celebration
Five! Four! Three! Two! One! HAPPY NEW YEAR! having a New Year’s open house and you‘re invited! Indulge in the tasty appetizers prepared by our exceptional chefs Hubert Keiier, Katie Brown, and it/lary Ann Esposito. Toast to the New Year with globe trekker Rick Steves, as you tour France’­s Champagne Region. VVe’re planning to bring in 2013 with an unforgettable party and we hope that you’ll| be there too!