Texas Book Festival Photos

KLRU Volunteers with Clifford at the Texas Book Festival
Thanks for visiting KLRU in the Children’s Activity Tent at the Texas Book Festival! All of us who attended from KLRU had a great time. We guess that several hundred people moved through our tent on each day, and we had a great turnout of Spanish-speaking families. Clifford received and gave hugs from little babies all the way up to grown-ups and everyone had a blast on the i-pad stations.  We hope to see you again next year!

LinkAsia added to KLRU Q lineup

KLRU Q presents a unique half-hour program covering everything from official state news from Asia’s top networks to the trends and conversations rising through Asia’s social media on LinkAsia airing Mondays at 5:30 pm starting Nov. 5.

From Beijing to Tokyo, from Seoul to New Delhi and beyond, LinkAsia takes viewers into media about Asia — from Asia — offering unfiltered insights into one of the most diverse, fast-paced regions of the globe. ELinkAsia’s host, entrepreneur Yul Kwon, serves as your trusted guide to the vast world of Asian media — spanning culture, business, technology, politics, and more. With an award-winning staff of producers from around the world and a panel of experts giving perspective on how the news impacts the rest of the world, LinkAsia will quickly become your source for international news from the region.

The LinkAsia blog takes you even further into the headlines with n-depth analysis from expert contributors and LinkAsia producers, as well as transcripts from NHK Japan reports.

The addition of LinkAsia is part of KLRU’s continuing focus on providing quality public affairs programing to inspire understanding. KLRU Q will continue to add international news programming as news shows from other regions become available.

Community Cinema Solar Mamas

Learn how a group of women in impoverished areas throughout the world are changing their community by becoming solar-energy engineers at the November Community Cinema screenings November 6 in Austin and November 29 in Round Rock.

SOLAR MAMAS by Jehane Noujaim
Rafea, who lives in a small Jordanian village, is 30 years old with four children and a husband eager to take a third wife. With the encouragement from her country’s Ministry of Environment, she attends the Barefoot College in India to train to become a solar-energy engineer. The Barefoot College provides training to the rural poor to empower them to make their communities sustainable. Students include rural women from Kenya, Burkina Faso, Columbia, and Guatemala.

Screenings will be held in Austin at the Windsor Park Branch Library (5833 Westminster Dr.) and in Round Rock Public Library (216 E. Main Street). All screenings will start at 7 pm, are free and open to the public.

KLRU-Q’s Hardly Sound features Royal Forest 11/5

The first Monday of the month KLRU Q’s 11pm music block features Hardly Sound. The documentary series focuses on Texas underground music and artists but goes beyond the recording studio to tell the story of the band members with insight into the creative process.

For November … Take to the skies with psychedelic rock band Royal Forest as they lead the Hardly Sound team on an epic adventure through the desert, in a submarine, and up in the air. It all culminates with the band recording a song in a tiny Cessna flying over north Austin. Royal Forest will inspire you with their spirit of adventure.

Highlights: October 28-November 3

Nature at 6 pm Sunday explores the world of the snowy owl and takes an intimate look at how these majestic birds survive in one of the most isolated and inhospitable places on the planet in “Magic of the Snowy Owl”.

Call The Midwife at 7 pm Sunday and 9 pm Saturday finds Jenny for once not involved in the beginning of life, but at its end.

On Masterpiece Classic Presents: Upstairs Downstairs, Series 2 at 8 pm Sunday, Harry’s desire to impress Beryl leads him and Johnny into the world of boxing while Lady Agnes is reacquainted with someone who shows her an exciting world away from 165 Eaton Place.

Independent Lens at 9 pm Monday presents “Love Free or Die”. The documentary tells the story of faith, love, marriage, homosexuality and the Episcopal Church colliding in the first openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

Ellen Degeneres: The Mark Twain Prize at 7 pm Tuesday celebrates the work of Ellen DeGeneres, the 15th recipient of The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Frontline at 8 pm Tuesday travels to the remote epicenter of the campaign finance debate for a tale of money, politics, and intrigue in “Big Sky, Big Money”.

POV at 9:30 pm Tuesday presents “Nostalgia for the Light”, a meditation on memory, history and eternity from Chile’s remote Atacama Desert.

On Nature at 7 pm Wednesday, scientists from around the world share their thoughts and work to help explore the scientific theory that in an effort to outwit raccoons, we are actually making them smarter and unwittingly contributing to their evolutionary success.

NOVA at 8 pm Wednesday joins a new generation of archeologists as they probe areas of Machu Picchu that haven’t been touched since the time of the Incas and unearth burials of the people who built the sacred site in “Ghosts of Machu Picchu”.

NOVA ScienceNOW at 9 pm Wednesday follows New York Times tech reporter David Pogue as he uncovers the secrets behind our favorite foods in “Can I Eat That?”

David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist, talks about his newest book on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts In Context at 7:30 pm Thursday explores the personal history and unique art of Dia de los Muertos through the stories of San Antonio artists who capture this rich cultural heritage.

The Daytripper at 8 pm Thursday follows Chet as he travels to Denton, TX to race the Texas Motor Speedway, explore the city’s historic square and independent music culture, and eat a “Hell” Burger that is appropriately named.

Jim Thorpe: World’s Greatest Athlete at 9 pm Thursday chronicles the sports superstar’s remarkable life from his boyhood in Oklahoma and his gold-medal wins at the 1912 Summer Olympics to his subsequent fall from grace and later, his advocacy of American Indian rights and self-sufficiency.

Election 2012: What’s At Stake at 9 pm Friday presents a collaboration between “Need to Know,” “PBS NewsHour,” “Frontline” and “Washington Week” to focus on the most important issues at stake in the 2012 election.

Diversify your tree canopy and bring on the wildlife with understory trees that flower and fruit on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday. On tour, no-lawn gardeners create enduring family memories in a wildlife habitat.

Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday presents a new breed of American musical stylings with the Civil Wars and Punch Brothers.

Science Night 10/31

Nature “Raccoon Nation” at 7 pm
Are we, in an effort to outwit raccoons, actually making them smarter and unwittingly contributing to their evolutionary success? Are the ever more complex obstacles that our fast-paced urban world throws at them actually pushing the development of raccoon brains? In this film, scientists from around the world share their thoughts and work to help explore this scientific theory. Attempting to do something that has never been done before, they closely follow a family of urban raccoons as they navigate the complex world of a big city.

NOVA “Ghosts of Machu Picchu” at 8 pm
Perched atop a mountain crest, mysteriously abandoned more than four centuries ago, Machu Picchu is the most famous archeological ruin in the Western hemisphere and an iconic symbol of the power and engineering prowess of the Inca. In the years since Machu Picchu was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911, there have been countless theories about this “Lost City of the Incas,” yet it remains an enigma. Why did the Incas build it on such an inaccessible site, clinging to the steep face of a mountain? Who lived among its stone buildings, farmed its emerald green terraces, and drank from its sophisticated aqueduct system? NOVA joins a new generation of archeologists as they probe areas of Machu Picchu that haven’t been touched since the time of the Incas and unearth burials of the people who built the sacred site. This program explores the extraordinary trail of clues that began on that fateful day in 1911 and continues to the present.

NOVA ScienceNow “Can I Eat That?” at 9 pm
What are the secrets behind your favorite foods? Why are some treats – like chocolate chip cookies – delectable, while others – like cookies made with mealworms – disgusting? You may think you understand what makes something sweet, salty or bitter, but David Pogue gets a taste of a much more complicated truth as he ventures into labs and kitchens where everything from apple pie to Thanksgiving turkey to juicy grasshoppers is diced, sliced, dissected and put under the microscope. If scientists can uncover exactly what’s behind the mouth-watering flavors and textures we take for granted every day, could they help us enjoy our food more – without packing on the pounds?

KLRU at Texas Book Festival 10/27, 10/28

KLRU will be at the Texas Book Festival this weekend, October 27 and 28th, with a special guest …  Clifford The Big Red Dog! Bring your camera and get your photo with Clifford and experience the rich resources of PBS KIDS by playing games on our ipad stations.

KLRU will be in a tent near the Children’s area from 2-3 pm on Saturday and from 12:30 – 1:30 pm Sunday.

We’ll also have standup images of Big Bird, Elmo and Thomas the Tank for additional photo opportunities.

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In the Studio: Overheard tapes Wolf, Maraniss, Toobin and Balaban 10/27

Join KLRU for several Oveheard tapings during the Texas Book Festival.  Doors will open at 9:30 am on Saturday, 10/27, for a series of interviews with authors featured in this year’s Texas Book Festival.

One RSVP will grant you admission to all four tapings on 10/27. RSVP now
10:15 am Naomi Wolf (doors at 9:30 am)
11:15 am David Maraniss (doors as soon as Wolf interview complete)
12:45 pm Jeffrey Toobin (doors as soon as Maraniss interview complete)
5:45 pm Bob Balaban (doors open at 5 pm)

All tapings take place in KLRU’s Studio 6A (map)

10:15 am Naomi Wolf RSVP now
Author and activist Naomi Wolf grabbed attention in the early 1990s with her international bestseller The Beauty Myth. The book explored the widespread marketing of unrealistic standards of beauty by the fashion and cosmetics industries, as well as the impact those messages have on women, and it made Wolf a major voice in feminism. Since then, Wolf has written widely about politics, activism and women’s issues. She’s in Austin to speak at the Texas Book Festival about her new book, Vagina: A Cultural History.

11:15 am David Maraniss RSVP now
David Maraniss is a Pulitzer Prize winner with extensive experience as a reporter, editor, and author. He’s written five bestselling books, including a biography of Bill Clinton, a history of the 1960 Rome Olympics, a biography of Vince Lombardi and a history of the Vietnam era. His latest book is Barack Obama: The Story, which uses hundreds of interviews to chronicle the President’s family history and his life before he entered politics. Here’s your opportunity to hear Maraniss talk about the President just days before the election. We thank the Texas Book Festival for bringing him to Austin.

12:45 pm Jeffrey Toobin RSVP now
Jeffrey Toobin’s newly-published book, The Oath: The Obama White House vs. the Supreme Court, explores the complicated relationship between the Obama administration and the Roberts court. It’s the latest hit from Toobin, a staff writer for The New Yorker and CNN legal analyst. Join us to hear Toobin’s take on the impact of Citizens United, UT’s recent affirmative action arguments before the US Supreme Court, the likely impact of the election on the Court and more. We thank the Texas Book Festival for bringing Toobin to Austin.

5:45 pm Bob Balaban RSVP now
Actor Bob Balaban’s film career stretches from 1969’s Midnight Cowboy to last year’s Moonrise Kingdom. Between those roles, he has played an alien interpreter in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the head of NBC in both Seinfield and The Late Shift, and a part in every Christopher Guest movie. Balaban’s work on Broadway earned him a Tony nomination, and he produced Robert Altman’s Gosford Park, which was nominated for Best Picture. He also has recurring roles in some of the most-respected shows on television. Balaban is in Austin for the Texas Book Festival to discuss his work as the author of a series of children’s novels about a bionic dog named McGrowl.