Highlights: September 23-29

Nature at 6 pm Sunday examines the migration of 100,000 pelicans who head inland once every 10 years to create the largest lake in Australia in “Outback Pelicans”.

At 7 pm, Broadway or Bust heads into the final competition awards show as the 60 finalists prepare for their big day – the show at New York’s Minskoff Theatre.

On Masterpiece Mystery! Presents: Wallander, Series III at 8 pm Sunday, Wallander investigates the escape of a patient from a psychiatric hospital who sets fire to a variety of arson attacks.

Architect Michael Graves: The Grand Tour at 9:30 pm Sunday and 8 pm Thursday provides a window into the creative life of one of the United States’ most recognized architects and designers.

American Masters at 9 pm Monday captures the burgeoning resurgence of interest in literary figure Carl Sandburg and his contributions in “The Day Carl Sandburg Died”.

Money and Medicine at 7 pm Tuesday tackles the medical, ethical and financial challenges of containing runaway health care spending. The documentary also explores promising ways to reduce health care expenditures while improving the overall quality of medical care.

Frontline at 8 pm Tuesday spends a semester immersed in a Houston high school to produce a portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors and principal waging a daily, personal struggle to get them to graduation.

Nature at 7 pm Wednesday provides a global look at the “homelife of wildlife” from a small depression in the sand to elaborate, multi-chambered tunnels.

On NOVA at 8 pm Wednesday, New York Times’ technology correspondent and best-selling author David Pogue brings his trademark goofball humor and techie zeal on a quest to clean up, using new green materials to build and power the devices of the future in “Making Stuff Cleaner”. He then looks into the growing number of smart materials that can respond, change and even learn in “Making Stuff Smarter” at 9 pm.

Singer and songwriter Jeff Tweedy discusses his life and career on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts in Context at 7:30 pm Thursday highlights contemporary and performance art from Austin’s Fusebox Festival 2012.

Chet heads to Goliad to visit the location of the famous Goliad Massacre, take a canoe ride, and eat some award winning soup and delicious Tex Mex on The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday.

POV at 9 pm Thursday presents “El Velador (The Night Watchman)”, a film depicting the life and stories of a guard who watches over the extravagant mausoleums of some of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords.

Explore “lucha libre” and its role in Latino communities in the United States and Mexico on Voces on PBS at 9 pm Friday.

Alternative rock superstars Arcade Fire perform hits and tunes from their Grammy-winning LP “The Suburbs” on Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday.