Summer Arts Festival presents Havana, Havana! 7/27

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KLRU expands the scope and diversity of the arts on television with a special presentation of Mariachi High as part of the PBS Summer Arts Festival. Feel the soul and energy of African-Cuban drummers, guajira guitarists and the pulsing melodies of celebrated Cuban musician Raul Paz, who brings together fellow musical stars Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa and David Torrens for a concert in Havana. All of them left Cuba years ago; their decision to return has injected a new spirit into Cuban music. Mirroring Cuba’s growing relationship with the world, HAVANA, HAVANA! highlights the evolution of the country’s musical expression in the 21st century.

HAVANA, HAVANA! is part of the PBS Summer Arts Festival and each week KLRU will present a local story to accompany the PBS program. Stay tuned after HAVANA, HAVANA! for The Austin Samba School. The Austin Samba School brings the music, dance, and culture of Carnival in Rio to Austin. Each year, the Samba School develops a theme and builds a show to present at Austin’s annual Carnival Brasileiro.

The Summer Arts Festival line-up, part of PBS’ ongoing commitment to arts content on-air and online, features films that celebrate the contributions of independent filmmakers including a behind-the-scenes profile of actor/playwright John Leguizamo, a film that chronicles a year in the life of talented teenage Mariachi musicians, a look at priceless museum collections and a concert documentary profiling a world-renowned mezzo-soprano. The Festival explores international arts, including a historic concert by four Cuban music greats and a journey into Islamic art narrated by acclaimed actress Susan Sarandon. Slated to run for seven weeks, an additional program will be announced at a later date.