WORDGIRL battles robots all week long, starting June 11th at 3:30 p.m. on KLRU, as the beloved, Emmy Award-winning series from Scholastic Media features “Tobey’s Robot Summer” week on PBS KIDS Go!, including the series premiere “Road Rage, Anger, and Fury/By Jove, You’ve Wrecked My Robots!”

June 11Road Rage, Anger, and Fury/By Jove, You’ve Wrecked My Robots!
** Premiere **
At the end of her rope and fed up with city traffic, Lady Redundant Woman creates an army of copies to block other cars and allow her own to sail smoothly. Can Becky distract her family long enough to the copying criminal?
Vocabulary Words: Obstacle, Rant
With the hope of exposing WordGirl’s true identity, Tobey takes a game about evil robots to Becky’s house. When the game turns into a real battle between real robots, Becky must struggle to save the city while keeping her identity a secret.
Vocabulary Words: Savvy, Realize

June 12Bummertime/The Homerun King
On the last day of summer Becky just wants to read her favorite book in the hammock and play outside with her friends. But Tobey and his latest robot creation, Chronos, are getting in the way. She must figure out how to stop crime and still enjoy her final vacation day.
Vocabulary Words: Prolong, Aggravated
When TJ hits a home run that also foils a crime he becomes Home Run King, the city’s latest superhero. When he starts to fight real crimes and gets in over his head, WordGirl has to step in and save the day.
Vocabulary Words: Extraordinary, Fortunate(ly)

June 13Bampy Battles Bots/Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way
The Botsfords couldn’t be more excited about Grandpa Bampy’s, visit! While there, Bampy tells a surprised Becky that he used to fight villains better than WordGirl. When Tobey invents the ultimate robot, will Bampy help WordGirl save the day?
Vocabulary Words: Invincible, Fiction/Fictional
Mr. Big tries a new form of mind control by taking over the school’s newspaper. With misleading articles and city-wide contests, Mr. Big threatens to reveal WordGirl’s secret identity.
Vocabulary Words: Revise/Revision, Misleading

June 14Have Snob, Will Travel/Tobey’s Playground Calamity
Unable to choose which valuable items to steal, The Butcher kidnaps Reginald the jeweler and uses him to find fine artifacts. Amidst a painting contest, Becky must put down her paint brush so WordGirl can rescue Reginald and stop the Butcher’s stealing spree.
Vocabulary Words: Formal, Fret
“TOBEY’S PLAYGROUND CALAMITY”Ms. Davis holds a recycling fundraiser to raise money for a new playground, which was destroyed by villains… Will Becky finally be recognized for her merits over WordGirl or will Tobey’s evil robots destroy the city in a quest to win?
Vocabulary Words: Dedicate, Calamity

June 15WordBot/Mt. Rushhere
Tobey builds a robot replica of WordGirl named WordBot. When WordBot gets jealous and turns on him, WordGirl and Tobey are forced to team-up to defeat the metal monster.
Vocabulary Words: Devoted, Backfire
When the grown-ups suddenly go missing, the kids take advantage of an adult-free world. When WordGirl discovers Mr. Big is using a mind-control device to force the adults to build a tribute in his honor she must destroy the machine and rescue the adults.
Vocabulary Words: Advantage, Tribute