Highlights: June 17-23

In Finding Your Roots at 7 pm Sunday, we unearth missing links in the family histories of media legend Barbara Walters and educational superstar Geoffrey Canada. Walters did not know her father’s real last name. Canada did not know the name of his grandfather. Both of them had been unable to access their history… until now.

On Masterpiece Mystery! Presents: Zen at 8 pm Sunday, Detective Aurelio Zen (Rufus Sewell) brings justice to modern-day Italy, whether the authorities want it or not. In this episode, a disgraced aristocrat jumps off a bridge. Or was he pushed? As usual, Zen gets mixed signals from his scheming bosses: the Ministry of Justice wants a ruling of suicide, while a powerful — and beautiful — prosecutor hints that Zen had better start looking for the murderer.

Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work at 9 pm Monday goes beyond the gates for a rare glimpse inside the palace where the queen directs the business of the royal family, entertains heads of state and conducts her private life.

The third of Michael Wood’s historical journeys takes viewers on a thrilling trek through India, Nepal and Tibet in search of Shangri-La on In Search Of Myths And Heroes at 10 pm Monday.

On Queen Victoria’s Empire at 7 pm Tuesday, we begin with the birth of Queen Victoria and explore the changes brought to Britain by the Industrial Revolution. This episode also reveals the devastating effects of the Crimean War, the first major war of Victoria’s reign.

On Story: The Austin Film Festival Presents at 10 pm Tuesday features a discussion on developing and understanding heroes and villains with the creative minds behind Rambo, Lethal Weapon, and Braveheart.

On Nature at 7 pm Wednesday, Emmy award-winning filmmaker and biologist Rick Rosenthal brings incredible sea creatures to the screen as he observes tiny billfish nurseries in the wild, dives deep into secret undersea canyons and films incredible color-changing behavior in “Superfish”.

In the miniseries “Hunting The Edge of Space”, NOVA at 8 pm Tuesday examines how a simple instrument, the telescope, has fundamentally changed our understanding of our place in the universe.

Inside Nature’s Giants at 9 pm Tuesday travels to New Zealand to examine one of the biggest yet most mysterious animals on Earth – the giant squid.

Great voices and songs combine with Rosanne Cash and Brandi Carlile on Austin City Limits at 10 pm Wednesday and Fridayn. Cash presents tunes from her C&W tribute album The List. Brandi Carlile follows with genre-spanning tunes from Give Up the Ghost.

Actress & comedian Molly Shannon talks about her children’s book Tilly the Trickster on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts In Context at 7:30 pm Thursday documents the University of Texas Visual Arts Center’s Artist-in-Residence Diana Al-Hadid’s collaboration with students, faculty and staff to construct her large-scale sculptural installation “Suspended After Image.”

At 8 pm Thursday, Austin Deco takes Arts In Context on a journey through time as we tour some of the city’s most iconic Art Deco buildings. While many of Austin’s Art Deco buildings have been torn down, Austin Deco shows us that the city still boasts an impressive collection of this unique style.

POV at 9 pm Thursday presents “My Reincarnation”. Filmed over 20 years by documentarian Jennifer Fox, the film chronicles the story of exiled Tibetan Buddhist master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and his Western-born son, Yeshi.

American Masters at 9 pm Friday presents “Judy Garland: All By Myself”, a film wrapped in Judy’s voice featuring vaulted screen tests and rehearsal footage, through which she is actually telling her story in her own words.

Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday brings it home with Texan songwriters Lyle Lovett and Bob Schneider. ACL veteran Lovett plays tracks from his latest LP Natural Forces, as well as classics. Schneider surveys his decade-long eclectic solo career.

On Masterpiece Mystery! Presents: Poirot X at 8 pm Saturday, David Suchet (Henry VIII, The Way We Live Now) stars as suave Belgian super sleuth Hercule Poirot in this mystery based on the novels by Agatha Christie. In this episode, Poirot finds he cannot ignore the pleas of a young heiress when she approaches him with the bizarre claim that she may be a murderer.