Next Avenue: Where Grown-Ups Keep Growing

John Stark was 60 years old when he went back to college for a master’s degree in journalism after 40 years as a writer and editor at newspapers and magazines. John knew he would need an advanced degree in order to join a college faculty, if he chose to further his career by becoming a teacher.

In a photography class, John’s professor was presenting a series of iconic images; one was a famous photograph that John recognized right away. The professor asked the students how the photographer had managed to get the lighting just right.

John raised his hand. “If you sit someplace long enough, you’ll eventually get what you want,” he said.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” the professor asked.

“I’m just saying what Ansel Adams told me when I asked him that question,” John replied.

John is just one of the writers and contributors with full life experiences who is creating content for Next Avenue a new public television website focused on America’s booming over-50 population. Like many people his age, John has a wealth of experience and, at the same time, is exploring new chapters every day.

Next Avenue is an inclusive, vibrant, and congenial gathering room for curious learners to come together, discover, and explore a constellation of trustworthy, inspirational, entertaining, and actionable content specifically tailored to the concerns and interests of the 50+ generation.

The website publishes articles and blog posts from top experts and leading journalists on the topics most important to baby boomers, such as: Money & Security, Living & Learning, Caregiving, Work & Purpose and Health & Well-Being.  The website features videos, e-newsletters, and opportunities to connect with others on these and other important issues.

It aims to make sense of the impact of developing news and points to critical information and concrete actions in a way that mirrors the intelligence, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and vitality of our audience. Next Avenue is devoted to helping all adults live the lives they aspire to.

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