KLRU Create is changing 6/1

KLRU Create’s scheduling blocks will change starting June 1st. Here’s a quick FAQ from the folks at Create TV to explain the changes.

What is happening?
Ratings information from a national sample of Create stations across the country shows that the most popular Create genres for viewers are (in priority): cooking, travel and home improvement. To meet the interests and demands of viewers, we are shifting the blocks to provide what viewers want most at the times when they tune in.

What if my favorite genres aren’t listed above?
Don’t worry! The programming you like will still be on Create. We’re just shifting some times around to make sure the majority of viewers are finding the programs they want. If you are a gardening or arts and crafts fan, your programs will still be on Create: no content will be dropped from the schedule! Your favorites will still be rotated through as they are now.

So why is this happening?
Based on the research, we are changing the design of the programming block to accommodate viewers’ interests at different times of the day. This means that primetime viewing will feature cooking, travel and home improvement. Daytime schedules will remain largely intact, with only a few tweaks. For instance, there will be some cooking and travel included in daytime, as well as Arts & Crafts and Gardening programs. On weekends, we will still offer themed Marathons (twice on Saturdays), and we’ve added a third run of those Marathons to Sunday afternoon. The Saturday afternoon schedule will feature the primetime programming from the prior Monday.

But I’m a big fan of Gardening programs, now I will miss them.
No, the gardening programs on Create will still be there. They are just being moved around, airing at 10 am and 4pm on Monday through Friday. This means they will be on the air at the beginning of primetime and a few times throughout the day.

What about the needle arts and painting programs?
While the research tells us that the audiences are smallest for these programs, we also know that viewers who follow them are extremely loyal and count on Create to provide them. These will be featured every weekday and Sunday mornings and they are DVR friendly, as well.

But we’re interested in seeing these programs at night, too.
Because we know how much the viewers who watch these programs want access to content, tips and projects, the Create Team continues to work with the producers and hosts of these shows to provide added access to what you want. This will be available at your convenience through the website at CreateTV.com, found in the Blog (updated daily), our Projects, Tips and Recipes section and through the host pages. In addition, we have already created a special playlist on the Create TV YouTube Channel and are adding more to the Arts & Crafts section thanks to the generosity of your favorite program hosts. There you will find more program segments and content each time you visit.

In addition, we are encouraging the hosts and viewers to be more interactive by connecting via our social media sites. Create is active on Facebook, where we hope you will share your projects through pictures, comments and video. We’re on Twitter, where you can link to items of special interest and where our hosts will also link you to their projects. And, most recently, we’ve become very active on Pinterest, which can be a great resource for Create viewers. Here our hosts and viewers can share their favorite pieces of work, instructions and ideas on special boards segmented by the Create program genres.

Will you provide viewers with more information?
For starters, be sure to connect with Create TV through the various social media sites. That way you’ll receive the latest information about programs as well as tips from the hosts which are regularly posted. If you haven’t already, be sure to select the local schedule option when you visit CreateTV.com. By setting your market, station and cable provider (or over the air option) you will receive your local public television station’s Create television schedule each time you visit the website. In addition, those who subscribe to the Create E-newsletter will receive regular news about programs, postings, links to posts from your favorite hosts including new, seasonal projects, tips and recipes. Sign up for the eNewsletter. With all the cooking programs on television, do you really think you need to make these changes? Create was the only place to find the Needle Arts programming and Painting programs.

Public television provides lifestyle programming that is unlike any other channel. We repeatedly receive comments from viewers which highlight the fact that our experts are just that: experienced in the subjects they address in their programming. While some of them have become celebrities because of their expertise, they all like to say, they became experts at their work long before they became household names. So, while there may be many programs that seem to meet audience interests, there simply are not uninterrupted, entertaining and educational programs such as those you find on public television.

We are so pleased that audiences across the country have found Create to fill their lifestyle interests. Please do remember that all of these programs are offered to your local public television station as well. In many cases, they do broadcast both on your local station and on Create. With that in mind, we encourage you to let your local station know about your programming interests. In addition, let us know if there are other ways we can enhance the many Create platforms to provide you with additional access to content you want to see. We are pleased to be able to connect with viewers in many places beyond broadcast, so we are eager to hear your ideas.