Explore Central Texas 6/5

KLRU presents back-to-back local documentaries on June 5th.

Wine Roads of Texas 7 pm
Narrated by the multiple Grammy Award winning recording artist, Ray Benson, lead singer of Asleep at the Wheel, Wine Roads of Texas is a video travel guide for those interested in meeting the individuals responsible for creating the award-winning Texas wine industry and exploring the wine producing regions of Texas. Texas is one of the fastest growing wine producing regions in the nation and in the past thirty years, Texas wines have been turning heads at some of the world’s most prestigious blind tasting competitions, winning double gold (or unanimous) medals in Paris, France, San Francisco and beyond. Shot in high-definition, Wine Roads of Texas features breathtaking video of Texas’s most scenic regions, and a beautiful musical soundtrack. The program takes its viewers to wineries, vineyards, and restaurants where viewers will hear personal anecdotes and see taste-tempting images. For those interested in sampling Lone Star wines at home, Wes Marshall, author of the travel book, Wine Roads of Texas , offers tips on selecting Texas’s best varietals in each episode.

Painted Churches of Texas at 8:30
From the outside, they look like many American country churches built around the turn of the last century — arched Gothic Revival windows, facades clad in white frame siding or in stone, lone steeples rising up into the Texas sky. Cross the threshold of these particular Texas churches and you’ll encounter not a simple wooden interior but an unexpected profusion of color. Nearly every surface is covered with bright painting: exuberant murals radiate from the apse, elaborate foliage trails the walls, wooden columns and baseboards shine like polished marble in shades of green and gray. These are the Painted Churches of Texas. Built by 19th century immigrants to this rough but promising territory, these churches transport the visitor back to a different era, a different way of life. Inscriptions on the walls read not in English, but in the mother tongue of those who built them: German and Czech. The story of these buildings is the story of a people striving to succeed in a new country and still preserve the values and culture of their homelands. In 1984, 15 of these churches, with their unique style of art, were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once taken for granted, the painted churches of Texas, and the people who built them, are now capturing the interest of designers, historians and ordinary tourists, both in Texas and out of state.

Las Misiones: Missions of Texas at 9:30 pm
Las Misiones: Missions of Texas features more than 10 mission churches from across Texas. The documentary is a visual celebration of the structures as historic monuments, religious symbols, and important centers of community and fellowship. Produced by Tom Spencer, who also brought viewers The Painted Churches of Texas, Las Misiones shows the architectural beauty and historical significance of missions in San Antonio, El Paso, and Goliad. The missions featured are almost without exception living parishes and some of them have never stopped being churches in their 300-year history. They serve as the center of the community – living symbols of faith and family.