"WordGirl" Baddies Get Themed Weeks in April


April is WordGirl Villains Month on KLRU, as a different WordGirl crook is featured each week of the month. The Emmy Award-winning series from Scholastic Media airs Monday – Friday.

Featured villains and episodes include:

Dr. Two-Brains Week (April 2-6 at 3:30 p.m.)
After an accident caused his brain to fuse with that of a vicious albino mouse test-subject, Professor Steven Boxleitner became the evil Dr. Two-Brains, whose insatiable hunger for cheese drives his criminal activity.

April 2 – “Two Brains’ Quartet”
April 3 – “Mouse Brain Take-Over”
April 4 – “The Two-Brains Boogie”
April 5 – “Two Brains Forgets”
April 6 – “Two Brain Highway”

Granny May Week (April 9-13 at 3:30 p.m.)
Though she poses as a sweet, deaf old lady, Granny May is really a master thief. She is equipped with weapons such as knitting needles that shoot out nearly unbreakable yarn, perfume strong enough to render someone helpless, and blinding stale purse mints.

April 9 – “Granny and Clyde”
April 10 – “Granny’s Intuition”
April 11 – “Granny’s Book Club”
April 12 – “Great Granny May”
April 13 – “Granny Mayor”

The Birthday Girl Week (April 16-20 at 3:30 p.m.)
The Birthday Girl is a greedy, selfish, and sometimes cruel ten-year-old who thinks every day is her birthday. Whenever her needs are denied, she yells “Mine, MINE, MINE!”, growing in height and turning a deeper shade of green with each yell until the owner of the coveted item hands it over in fear.

**Premiere** — “The Birthday Girl’s Monstrous Gift” (premieres Apr. 16, repeats Apr. 19)
April 17 – “Birthday Town”
April 20 – “Earth Day Girl”

Chuck The Evil Sandwich-Making Guy Week (April 23-27 at 3:30 p.m.)
Chuck is obsessed with sandwiches and lives in his mother’s basement. His weapon is a gun that fires specially made mustard, relish, ketchup, oil, and other such sandwich condiments that have been modified to be able to encase people.

April 23 – “Chuck With a Sidekick of Brent”
April 24 – “When Chuck’s Mom Is Away…”
April 25 – “Lunch Lady Chuck”
April 26 – “Chuck’s Brother”
April 27 – “Chuck Makes a Buck”