Highlights: February 26-March 3

Masterpiece Theater at 6 pm Sunday presents part seven of Downton Abbey, Series II. In the finale, the family gathers at Downton Abbey for Christmas.

Masterpiece Theater at 8 pm Sunday presents “The Old Curiosity Shop”. The classic Dickens tale follows the virtuous Little Nell Trent (Sophie Vavassuer) and her shop-owner grandfather (Sir Derek Jacobi) as they encounter tragic misfortunes that lead to the loss of their beloved curiosity shop.

Arts in Context at 9:30 pm Sunday explores the making of Generous Art, an online gallery dedicated to raising money for nonprofits and artists. Arts in Context goes behind-the-scenes with the groups’ founder and some of the showcased artists.

Clinton: American Experience at 8 pm Monday explores the story of an American president who rose from a broken childhood in Arkansas to become one of the most successful politicians in modern American history and one of the most complex and conflicted characters to ever stride across the public stage.

Explore the life of the pioneering jazz legend who charmed audiences with his bravado and showmanship on American Masters: Cab Calloway at 10 pm Monday.

Amish: American Experience at 7 pm Tuesday paints an extraordinarily intimate portrait of contemporary Amish faith and life and questions why and how the Amish, an insistently closed and communal culture, have thrived within one of the most open, individualistic societies on Earth.

Frontline at 9 pm Tuesday continues its investigation of nuclear safety with an unprecedented account of the crisis inside the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex after a devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11, 2011 on “Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown.”

POV at 10 pm Tuesday follows three young racers as they compete in the World Karting Association’s National Pavement Series on “Racing Dreams.”

Through extraordinary footage and interviews, Nature at 7 pm Wednesday takes a look back at an elephant matriarch that was the subject of many  films and the leader of a carefully studied herd of elephants in Africa on “Echo: An Elephant To Remember.”

Nova: Japan’s Killer Quake at 8 pm Wednesday combines authoritative on-the-spot reporting, personal stories of tragedy and survival, compelling eyewitness videos, explanatory graphics and exclusive helicopter footage for a unique look at the science behind the catastrophe.

Secrets of the Dead: Japanese SuperSub at 9 pm Wednesday investigates, revealing the startling story of Japan’s successful creation of a technological masterpiece-an aircraft carrier submarine that could blow up the Panama Canal, reach the U.S. main land undetected, and unleash panic-inducing air attacks on American civilians.

Deepak Chopra travels the world to share his message about mind-body connections talks with Evan Smith on Overheard at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts in Context at 7:30 pm Thursday follows “Opera Odyssey”, an Austin opera camp with kids ages 8 to 12, through the creative process in organizing the original production “The Quarantine.”

Chet heads to Goliad to visit the location of the famous Goliad Massacre, take a canoe ride, and eat some award winning soup and delicious Tex Mex on The Daytripper at 8:30 pm Thursday.

Independent Lens at 9 pm Thursday presents “Whatever It Takes,” the story of a visionary rookie principal whose goal is to lead a dedicated group of teachers, students and parents in creating an innovative public high school in New York City’s South Bronx.

Superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli takes on one of the biggest stages of his career for a concert in New York City’s famed Central Park with the New York Philharmonic on Great Performances at 9 pm Friday.

Got shade and drought? Designer Adams Kirkpatrick illustrates designs and plants for waterwise shade gardens on Central Texas Gardener at noon Saturday. On tour in San Antonio, Southwestern concepts join Japanese design.

This latest follow up to “My Generation – The ’60s”, “60’s Pop, Rock and Soul” at 9:30 pm Saturday includes pop sounds from Frat Rock to Surf Pop, the British Beats to the Breakthrough Bands, Motown, Soul and Pop classics — with many artists and groups appearing for the first time on the “My Music” stage.