Highlights: January 22-28

Masterpiece Classic  at 8 p.m. Sunday and 8 p.m. Saturday presents part three of “Downton Abbey, Series II”. Isobel and Cora lock horns over control of Downtown’s medical role, Mrs. Bird starts a soup kitchen, and Matthew and William embark on a perilous patrol behind German lines.

On Masterpiece Mystery! at 9 p.m. Sunday, Sherlock Holmes stalks again in a thrilling contemporary version of the Victorian-era whodunits. When a banker is found dead inside his locked apartment, Sherlock and Watson must follow the clues that lead to an underground crime gang. But who is the leader pulling the strings? Find out on “Sherlock: The Blind Banker”.

American Masters at 9 p.m. Monday presents “Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune”. From civil rights to the anti-war movement to the struggles of workers, folksinger Phil Ochs wrote topical songs that engaged his audiences in the issues of the 1960s and 70s. This biographical documentary shows how Phil’s music and his fascinating life story and eventual decline into depression and suicide were intertwined with the history-making events that defined a generation.

A central figure in the narrative of how the west was won, Wyatt Earp and his story of how he became an American legend are presented on American Experience at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Nature at 7 pm Wednesday visits Tongass National Forest, Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska, where the largest concentration of bears anywhere in the world are experiencing a lack of salmon and get a bitter taste of what the future may hold in “Fortress of the Bears”.

Nova at 8 pm Wednesday meets a new breed of experts who are approaching “cold case” art mysteries as if they were crime scenes, determined to discover “who committed the art,” and follows art sleuths as they deploy new techniques to combat the multi-billion dollar criminal market in stolen and fraudulent art on “Mystery of a Masterpiece”.

Folk meets indie rock with Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom as they both make their debut performances on Austin City Limits at 10 p.m. Wednesday and Friday.

Inside Nature’s Giants at 9 pm Thursday travels to the Florida Everglades to meet “python hunters” who are attempting to control the python population (approximately 100,000) through a cull on “Monster Python”.

Actress & comedian Molly Shannon is best known for her six-year run as a Saturday Night Live cast member, creating many recurring characters. She joins us to talk about SNL, becoming an author and women in comedy on Overheard with Evan Smith at 7 pm Thursday.

Arts In Context Trouble Puppet Theater on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. profiles the Austin group that creates outstanding works of puppet theater for grownups.

Join Chet Garner as he travels to Wimberley, Texas to experience glass blowing, homemade tamales, a hike up Mt. Baldy and a dip in Blue Hole on The Daytripper at 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

Independent Lens at 9 p.m. Thursday presents the next episode of “Have You Heard From Johannesburg?”, a mini-series that chronicles the unprecedented international movement of citizen activists who fought for three decades to bring down the brutal, racist system of apartheid in South Africa when their governments would not.

Tony Bennett’s second duets album was released this fall to great acclaim, pairing the crooner with Lady Gaga, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, among others, and featuring the final Amy Winehouse performance before her untimely death. The album is featured on Great Performances: Bennett Duets 2 at 9 pm Friday.

Experimental modern rock rules with Florence + the Machine and Lykke Li as they both debut the ACL stage on Austin City Limits at 7 pm Saturday.