Preview Screening: Downton Abbey 1/5

Join KLRU and other Downton Abbey fans as we preview the first hour of the second season of this beloved Masterpiece Classic series.

The screening will be January 5th in KLRU’s Studio 6A. Doors open at 6:30 and the screening will start promptly at 7. The event is free, but an RSVP is required. RSVP now

Downton Abbey season two starts airing on January 8th on PBS, but we’re giving our fans a chance to see the first hour before anyone else. We’ll have Downton Abbey items to give away and light refreshments will be served. RSVP now

Congratulations to our #whyKLRU t-shirt winners!

Thanks to everyone who shared their #whyKLRU reasons during our December drive on Facebook, Twitter and our blog! We chose a winner for every day of our drive to receive a package of KLRU themed t-shirts – if your name is on the list, please email with your mailing address so we can send you your t-shirts (sizes may vary, but feel free to put your preferred sizes in the email as well).

T Shirt Winners:

Artis Lewis

Eve McCabe

Geneva Sorenson

Rudi Leer

Kimberly Chapman

Zach Bishop

Chris Bowles

Jenny Meadows

Stephen Owens

Elizabeth Beil

Victoria Reed Bailey

Patty Fleming

Susie Duarte

Paul Buerger

Lanna Ellis Arnold

Jon Montgomery

Larry Schuler

Marse Amory

Edith Royal

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Holiday Singing 12/23

On December 23rd, KLRU features an evening of holiday songs from two of the best choirs in the world.

8:00 PM Christmas With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
David Archuleta jand Michael York join the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for a Christmas concert in Salt Lake City. Archuleta sings holiday songs and York reads the story of Christmas from Luke. The Tabernacle Choir and Archuleta are joined by the Orchestra at Temple Square and 107 dancers.

9:00 PM Christmas at St. Olaf

This new production of one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed annual musical celebration marks the 100th anniversary of the annual Christmas Festival from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Featuring St. Olaf’s renowned choirs and orchestra, the program’s rich blending of compositions will highlight selections from previous Christmas Festivals, including excerpts from R.V. Williams Hodie. Additionally, this centennial performance will debut newly commissioned works by American composers Andre J. Thomas and David N. Childs.

My Family marathon 12/24

KLRU is celebrating Christmas Eve with back-to-back holiday episodes of My Family from  9 pm to midnight.

“Ding Dong Merrily”
When Janey comes home for Christmas, she’s pregnant and Susan wants to know who the father is. However, Janey refuses to tell her, but does tell Ben, who then lies to Susan about the father. Meanwhile, Nick starts a Christmas tree business and then invites round Mr Bradley (Trevor Peacock), an “old person”, for Christmas Day. When Susan cooks the turkey with chocolate and raisins, everyone decides they are vegetarians.

“Glad Tidings We Bring”
Janey gets engaged to Ches Rochester (Danny Webb), a nightclub owner who is old enough to be her father, whom she has only known 10 days, but a psychic told her she would meet the love of her life at a wedding. They marry two weeks later at his house and Susan is worried about Ben giving the “father of the bride” speech. Meanwhile, Michael’s girlfriend Molly (Verity Dearsley) is into long-term plans. At the wedding, Grace and Ches’s father (Freddie Davies) dance together, while Michael and Hubert sell the wedding presents on eBay. But, shortly after marrying, Janey goes off with a waiter calls Lars (Mathew Bose) and asks for a divorce. Meanwhile, Nick is sending videos to Ben and Susan claiming to be destitute in the Far East and asks for money. Guest starring Edna Doré.

“…And I’ll Cry If I Want To”
Susan is organising a third birthday for Kenzo, partly to make up for the fact she got forgot Janey’s third birthday, and wants Janey to bring the father. She wants to hire an expensive clown, but Ben secretly asks Roger to do it instead. However, on the day, Christmas Eve, Roger gets drunk so Ben has to do it instead. Meanwhile, Welsh musician Alfie Butts (Rhodri Meilir), a friend of Nick’s, turns up and Susan insists he stay. Ben finds a £1200 ring which he thinks is for him from Susan, but is actually from Grace to her toyboy (John Burgess), so he goes out and buys Susan a £1200 first edition of Mrs Dalloway. Also, Michael gets a Christmas job as a postman and Abi becomes a beautician.

“Living The Dream”
Ben and Susan join a pyramid selling scheme on Roger’s advice even though he didn’t receive any of his money through the scheme. Upon asking Michael’s advice, he says don’t touch it but Ben and Susan know better, don’t they? Meanwhile, Roger buys himself some special treats and Ben finds himself getting extremely jealous as he cannot shift any of his stock. When Roger buys himself a convertible, Ben finds himself questioning Roger’s profits or rather, from whence they came. Also the family is suffering from the effects of a broken boiler, occasional power cuts and Ben’s dreams of having a champagne breakfast for the first time in his life.

KLRU teams up with community partners for Play & Learn

KLRU  has partnered with the United Way Success By 6, Southeast Austin Community Branch Library and Any Baby Can to bring those in the Dove Springs Community an eight-week Play & Learn family workshop.

Play & Learn details

–Children between the ages of 2 and 3 years of age and their parents will enjoy songs, stories, games, a snack, and play time with friends.
–All activities are in English and Spanish, and will help you help your child get ready for success in school.
–Families will receive a free children’s book and activities to use at home and a $5.00 gift card each session.
–These sessions are FREE so space is limited and only open to the Dove Springs Community.
Please call the Southeast Branch Library, 5803 Nuckols Crossing Rd. to sign up.  (512) 974-8840
By signing up you are committing to attend all 8 sessions.

–Niños entre los 2 y los 3 años de edad y sus padres gozarán con canciones, cuentos, meriendas y juegos con amigos.
–Todas las actividades serán en inglés y en español y te ayudarán a tí y a tu niño o niña a prepararse para que tengan éxito en la escuela.
–Después de cada sesión, todas las familias recibirán un libro gratis, actividades para hacer en casa y una tarjeta de regalo de $5.00.
–El programa es GRATIS pero el espacio es limitado.
Para inscribirte por favor llama a la sucursal de Southeast, 5803 Nuckols Crossing Rd., (512) 974-8840
Al inscribirte te estás comprometiendo a participar en las 8 semanas completas.
Brought to you by United Way Success By 6, KLRU, and Southeast Austin Community Branch Library.
Facilitated by Any Baby Can.

Texas Monthly Talks with Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

Christopher Hitchens passed away on December 15th. Evan Smith interviewed him for Texas Monthly Talks in 2007. Above is the full interview.

Here is what Evan said about him at the time: Christopher Hitchens is, as he was described recently in the New York Times, a “fervid athiest,” and has been since before he even knew to call himself one. And he doesn’t mind saying so…loudly. While the topic of one’s lack of faith would be, for most writers, too sacred a cow to punch, the famously provocative Hitchens has no problem lacing up his gloves for any reason, and oh-boy-has-he-has-done-so in his new book, the rapidly best-selling God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. As the title suggests, the 58-year-old doesn’t hold back in exploring the extent of his contempt for all things spiritual, including religion, organized and otherwise, which he views as a dividing, hectoring, bullying force. Of course, there are those who read Hitchens’ regular columns in Vanity Fair or Slate and see him as a divider, hectorer, and bully himself, and he might not disagree. The native of Portsmouth, England, and graduate of Oxford University has always laid it on the line, damn the consequences, whether the subject is women (whom he has written are not funny), Iraq (he passionately defends the war despite having once been a Marxist), Henry Kissinger (whom he brands a war criminal), or his friend Salman Rushdie (whose death threats by Islamic fundamentalists crystallized for Hitchens the point of view he is now expressing before throngs of fellow nonbelievers all over the country). But he also has a reputation for being hyperintellectual, bitingly witty, and extremely charming, and he did not disappoint when he stopped by for a chat in mid-May. ” – Evan Smith, Texas Monthly Talks, Broadcast 05.24.07

Highlights: December 18-24

Masterpiece Classic at 8 p.m. Sunday presents part one of Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes‘ “Downtown Abbey,” a depiction of the lives of the noble Crawley family and the staff who serve them, set at their Edwardian country house in 1912.

American Masters at 9 p.m. Monday presents Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect & The Painter, the story of America’s most important and influential designers whose work helped shape the second half of the 20th century and remains culturally vital and commercially popular today. more

Science Night 12/21

Wednesday Science Night for December 21st presents:

Nature: Christmas in Yellowstone 7 pm
As snow falls and Christmas lights glow in Jackson Hole, a holiday season of a different sort settles in just beyond the town, in the great winter world of Yellowstone. Breathtaking landscapes frame intimate scenes of wolves and coyotes, elk and bison, bears and otters as they make their way through their most challenging season of the year. NATURE journeys in the footsteps of the men who first explored the park, and travels with their modern-day counterpart on his own journey of discovery. From the unique crystals of individual snowflakes to the grand sweep of Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley, this is a Christmas like no other.

NOVA: “What Darwin Never Knew” 8 pm
Earth teems with a staggering variety of animals, including 9,000 kinds of birds, 28,000 types of fish and more than 350,000 species of beetles. What explains this explosion of living creatures — 1.4 million different species discovered so far, with perhaps another 50 million to go? The source of life’s endless forms was a mystery until Charles Darwin’s revolutionary idea of natural selection, which he showed could help explain the gradual development of life on Earth. But Darwin’s radical insights raised as many questions as they answered. What actually drives evolution and turns one species into another? And how did we evolve? On the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” NOVA reveals answers to the riddles that Darwin couldn’t explain. Breakthroughs in a brand-new science –nicknamed “evo devo” — are linking the enigma of origins to another of nature’s great mysteries, the development of an embryo. NOVA takes viewers on a journey from the Galapagos Islands to the Arctic and from the Cambrian explosion of animal forms half a billion years ago to the research labs of today. Here scientists are finally beginning to crack nature’s biggest secrets at the genetic level. And, as NOVA shows, the results are confirming the brilliance of Darwin’s insights while exposing clues to life’s breathtaking diversity.

Your Station…Your Schedule! Viewer's Choice Lineup Announced

We’re approaching the end of our December drive which can only mean one thing: Viewer’s Choice weekend! We’ve picked your favorites to air during the final Saturday and Sunday of the pledge drive and we’ll need your support to meet our goal of $240,000. With 6 days left in the drive, you’ve helped raise over $174,000 – thanks to everyone who has contributed so far this drive and thanks in advance to anyone who donates today!

We’re excited to announce that our Viewer’s Choice weekend line up is jam packed with great specials that highlight the music, entertainment, and informative programming KLRU does year-round!

Saturday, December 17
Julia Child Memories: Bon Appetit at 10am
Great Performances: Andrea Bocelli: One Night in Central Park at 12:30pm and 8pm
Great Performances: Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me In Concert at 3pm
Victor Borge: Comedy in Music! at 4:30pm
60s Rock, Pop & Soul at 6pm
3 Steps to Incredible Health with Dr. Joel Fuhrman at 10:30pm
Paul Simon: Live at Webster Hall at 10:35pm on KLRU-Q

Sunday, December 18
Financial Fitness After 50! With Paul Merriman at 1pm
3 Steps to Incredible Health with Dr. Joel Fuhrman at 2:30pm
Great Performances: Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas at 4:30pm
Great Performances: Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me In Concert at 6:30pm
Masterpiece Theater: Downton Abbey (Season 1, Episode 1)
Aretha Franklin: Soul Rewind at 10pm

We hope you’ll tune in to KLRU for Viewer’s Choice Weekend – and call in or go online to make a gift of support. This will be the last week that many of the incredible thank you gifts will be available – including Andrea Bocelli tickets, Straight No Chaser tickets, seats on the KLRU Drink Up bus, and tickets to the KLRU Appraisal Fair – so be sure you make your gift soon!

Community Cinema: Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock 1/3

Join KLRU and the Austin Public Library for free Community Cinema screenings on the first Tuesday of the month at the Windsor Park Branch Library (5833 Westminster Dr,). Screenings will start at 7 p.m. with a discussion to follow each of the films. The next screening will be Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock on January 3rd.

Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock
As a black woman who was a feminist before the term was invented, Daisy Bates refused to accept her assigned place in society. The life of Daisy Bates tells the story of her life and public support of nine black students to attend the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, which culminated in a constitutional crisis–pitting a president against a governor and a community against itself.