East Austin Studio Tour 2012 Wrap-Up

E.A.S.T. is a self-guided tour and celebration of east Austin’s creative culture. The tour allows members of the community to explore the work of more than 300 artists at 150 studios, 28 exhibition spaces and a number of art events. Each year the tour is a behind-the-scenes look at working artists’ spaces and processes where people can learn more about an artist’s specific tools and techniques, watch demonstrations and talk directly to artists. In 2010, KLRU Collective started a collaboration with E.A.S.T. to capture the spirit and creativity of the artists and participants with a series of short videos. We have added to our collection this year with more than 60 videos of artists whose work was showcased during the 2012 festival. Here is a preview of who captured our attention this year:

Faith Schexnayder – flatforkstudio.com

Faith Schexnayder from KLRU Collective on Vimeo.

Jean Rather – jeanrather.com

Jean Rather from KLRU Collective on Vimeo.

Hatch Workshop

Hatch Workshop from KLRU Collective on Vimeo.

For more EAST videos and content related to PBS’ focus on the arts, visit KLRU Collective.