2nd Half of Life: Growing Bolder December episodes

As your PBS station, it is KLRU’s mission to bring people together around important issues. KLRU does this through various educational and outreach initiatives. This year, KLRU will present 2nd Half of Life project. Created for one of the best-educated, healthiest, and most privileged generations in American history — the Boomers — the series aims to help people reinvent life after the age of 50. In the coming months, 2nd Half of Life presents episodes of Growing Bolder on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Upcoming episodes:

December 4 – “American Spirit”
Age is Just a Number – Maybe one of the most famous “Growing Bolder” stories in the Olympics comes from Dara Torres. She was the first American swimmer to compete in five Olympics and the oldest female swimmer in the history of the Games. Now, her new book candidly reveals the challenge of going after a seemingly impossible dream. The Roots of Bluegrass – The newest craze in music is one of the oldest – bluegrass! Its true roots lie with the common folks, like Johnny Adams, who fell so in love with the mandolin that he now makes his own! Kazoo Rebuttal – When we heard that the residents of The Villages, Florida – one of the biggest retirement communities in the world – were planning to try and break a world record for the kazoo, we decided to document the day. We had fun, but it seems one person didn’t appreciate our coverage. So, we bring you the kazoo rebuttal – starting with a look at the story that got it all started. Tech Minute: Augmented Reality – You know those yellow first down lines you see on televised football games? It’s the perfect example of one of the hottest new tech trends – augmented reality. Joe Kittinger: Aviation Legend – In 1984, at the age of 56, fighter pilot, daredevil and American aviation hero Joseph P. Kittinger Jr. made aviation history when he became the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a balloon. Pick Up a Brush and Paint! – Who says you need training to be an artist? Earl Nash was completely self-taught and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Find out how you can discover your inner Picasso and put your own passion on the canvas.

December 11 – “Dream Chasers”
The Most Talented Man in Golf – When it comes to golf, PGA pro Jay Golden should be a big success – but he’s not. His contribution to the game is even greater than Tiger Woods’…well, at least a lot more creative! *Artist’s Moment to Shine – Harold Garde is in his 80s and has been painting for decades. But it’s only lately that he’s getting recognized for his talent. We take you inside Harold’s moment in the spotlight. A Sit-Down Chat With a Stand-Up Guy – Brian Bradley has been in more than 20 sitcoms, in six feature films and had a four-year run on Broadway. One of the top improv comedians working today, Brian Bradley survived the excesses of showbiz with a clear view of his future. Tech Minute: Skype Hype – Want to connect with friends and family who are far away? Skype is a technology that helps you communicate using voice, video and text – all over your Internet connection. Olympian Rita Brown – Rita Brown has experienced all that life has to offer – from unbelievable triumph to unspeakable heartbreak. “Growing Bolder” is what this gymnastics icon is all about.

December 18 – “Never Too Late”
Michael Galloway, the Hoochie Coochie Man – He isn’t giving up on his dream of being a star in the competitive music business. He’s already overcome the odds, winning a big-time harmonica championship, and his latest CD is Independent Album of the Year. Preventing Prostate Cancer: A Story for All Men – In what may be the most unusual and effective prostate cancer educational outreach ever, a group of dedicated physicians and their patients lace up their running shoes to make a point. Famous Faces – Men and women from all over the globe are paying tribute to celebrities by portraying them – stepping into the spotlight for 15 minutes of fame of their own. Meet “Cher,” “Elton John,” “Elizabeth Taylor” and many more stars! Michael Jackson’s Private Pilot – We lost the King of Pop in 2009 – Jackson was only 50 years old when he died, but he accomplished an amazing amount in his short life. Along the way, he left a lasting impression on another amazing man…American hero Col. Joe Kittinger. Tech Minute: Do-it-Yourself Greeting Cards – Take basic principles of graphic design and make the perfect greeting card for any occasion!

December 25 – “Leading The Way”
Pursuing Your Passions – Men and women from all over America prove that when you do what you love, you find health and happiness. Stories include: musician Roger McGuinn, beauty expert Oleda Baker, artist Harold Garde, environmentalist Dr. Peter Pritchard, skydiver Bill Booth. Overcoming Obstacles – When you are dealt setbacks in life — physical, emotional, financial — how do you recover? Stories include: singer Jacqueline Jones, survivor Larry Pontius, triathlete Tony Handler, businessman Tom Ross. Staying Active – Get moving! Whether you join a team or go solo, keeping up an active lifestyle is a key to Growing Bolder. Stories include Skydivers Over Sixty, motocross veterans, kickboxing grannies, the Silver Stars NBA Dance Team, triathletes. Making a Difference – Give back; get a lot back yourself. Stories include Mr. Bill the food bank leader, The Garden Theatre renovation, a breast cancer lemonade stand, a philanthropist-turned-composer. Breaking Barriers – Those who broke the color barrier and overcame odds to lead the way and start Growing Bolder. Stories include Tuskegee Airmen, the MLB Negro League baseball draft, artist James Gibson, musician Bernie Lee.