Sci-Fi night on KLRU Q 11/15

KLRU Q presents a night of Sci-Fi on Tuesday, November 15th.

8:00 PM – On Story: The Austin Film Festival Presents  “Creating Fantastical Worlds”
The challenges of creating fantastical worlds and getting the audience to suspend their disbelief are discussed by the creative minds behind Star Trek, Transformers, El Mariachi, and The Watchmen. Featuring David Hayter, Roberto Orci, Damon Lindelof, and Robert Rodriguez. Film: Tadpoles by Miguel Alvarez.

8:30 PM – Pioneers of Television: “Science Fiction”
Storytellers Gene Roddenberry, Irwin Allen and Rod Serling created the storylines and characters behind the best-loved futuristic television of their time. But as Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” competed for ratings with Allen’s “Lost in Space,” each show’s creator aimed for a very different direction. This episode explores how Roddenberry and Serling (of “The Twilight Zone”) used the future as a stage for modern morality plays, and William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols and other science-fiction stars describe how they prepared to interact on-camera with a malevolent alien force … or, perhaps, a giant radish.

9:30 PM – Science Trek
This out-of-this-world program explores the intersection of science fiction and science fact. Combining clips from Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation with interviews with some of the leading scientists and researchers from around the country, the program is an entertaining guide to the astonishing scientific advances being made in laboratories and universities around the country. PBS and Star Trek icon LeVar Burton hosts.

10:30 PM – Four Days at Dragon*Con
Every Labor Day weekend, tens of thousands descend upon Atlanta for the largest convention of pop-culture fandom in the Southeast. From science fiction celebrities and their obsessive fans to colorfully costumed characters engaged in mock combat, FOUR DAYS AT DRAGON*CON explores the “Woodstock for nerds” known as Dragon*Con. What draws these 35,000 people together? Dragon*Con’s inclusive multi-genre, multi-platform approach – combining science fiction, fantasy literature, role-playing, science, history, video games and more – gives attendees the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Others, especially the costume designers and creators, seem to gravitate most to the element of escapism. Featuring interviews with fans, staff, performers, artists, and would-be superheroes, the documentary examines the sense of community and acceptance that forms among this often ridiculed and marginalized subculture. FOUR DAYS AT DRAGON*CON captures the heart and soul of this quirky and fascinating annual event with footage of the Dragon*Con parade and a stirring climax centered around an ambitious attempt to break the world record for dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The evening ends with a Dr. Who episode at 11:30 PM