PBS Arts Festival: Cleveland Women Who Rock 11/18

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Discover even more unique art from the nation’s emerging artists as the PBS Arts Fall Festival continues its nine-week celebration of the arts. Tune in each week for new full-length performances, artist and performer profiles, behind-the-scenes documentaries and mini-films about the art scenes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Chicago, Cleveland, and more.

From Bessie Smith to Janis Joplin to Lady Gaga, PBS Arts from Cleveland: Women Who Rock, airing Friday, November 18, surges with energy as it traces the indelible mark that women musicians have made on America’s soundtrack, while revealing new insights into what it means to be female in the male-dominated world of rock and roll.

Keep on rockin’ (in the free world) with a min-documentary titled, Artistic Choice. See how Clevelanders not only moved to recognize the powerful resource of their cultural artistic traditions, but also discovered an innovative way to keep their artists financially supported.

Then, learn about Austin Asian Occasion, an evening of artists and acts celebrating various regions of Asia presented by the Asian American Cultural Center and the Asian American Community Partnership.

Songwriting legend Randy Newman takes the Austin City Limits stage, crooning a selection of his greatest tunes at 9:30 p.m.