2nd Half of Life: Growing Bolder November episodes

As your PBS station, it is KLRU’s mission to bring people together around important issues. KLRU does this through various educational and outreach initiatives. This year, KLRU will present 2nd Half of Life project. Created for one of the best-educated, healthiest, and most privileged generations in American history — the Boomers — the series aims to help people reinvent life after the age of 50. In the coming months, 2nd Half of Life presents episodes of Growing Bolder on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Upcoming episodes:

November 6th – “Make A Difference”
Big Name, Big Cause, Big Fun – Annika Sorenstam is one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game, and now she’s making a difference in another field – the fight against breast cancer. See how she’s teaming up with some passionate women to stop the disease. Ruth Hamilton: World’s Oldest Blogger – We believe it’s about attitude, whether you’re 9 or 109 years old. Ruth Hamilton passed away in 2008, but left us some amazing video blogs – a legacy for those who didn’t have the privilege of getting to know her in person. Tech Minute: Pandora Radio – Love to listen to music? Try one of the hottest services on the Web – it helps you discover old favorites and new hits, all based on your interests! Silver Sneakers – The next time you go to your gym, take a look around. People of all ages are working out! Silver Sneakers focuses on those who are over 60. In many cases, the program is free, and classes are available all across the nation. As you’ll see, the program is changing lives! A Day to Remember – Many of us have been touched by the war in the Gulf. Imagine how many more were affected by World War II. Veterans of that war are dying off at a rate of 1,100 a day. Soon, many will be forgotten. Take a moment to watch one vet tell his story. Silver Surfers – Surf’s up for men and women of all ages! The world’s biggest Surf Expo is for buyers and sellers only, so we took our cameras inside to give you a tour. We found a booming industry that is Growing Bolder every year — thanks to a rapidly increasing number of silver surfers.

November 13th – “Second Acts”
A Glass Act – For 40 years, Ida Bransford has been on the lookout for the depression glass that reminds her of her youth. In this “Growing Bolder” exclusive, we take you inside a home that many have heard about but few have actually seen. Doorway to Happiness – Larry Roofner was a corporate executive, a move and shaker and a big-time success. And it nearly killed him. So he walked away from it all, and at 52, he reinvented himself. One door led to another, until the doors themselves changed his life. Tech Minute: Blogging – In December 1997, the “weblog” was born. Within two years, it was better known as a blog – and today, more than 112 million blogs are posted on the Internet! Are you ready to share your stories online? Sonic Soup for the Soul – He’s written music for NBC sports, artist Thomas Kinkade and for a 3-year-old victim of child abuse. Wayne’s music has been described as sonic soup for the soul. You’ll wonder why you’ve never heard of him before. He Talks; They Listen – In the 1980s, he was one of the most feared pitchers in baseball and the best left-hander in the game. 20 years later, Frank “Sweet Music” Viola has moved from the mound to the dugout where he’s giving college players a little sweet music of their own.

November 20th – “Run, Rock and Row”
Tom Keeps Time Ticking – Tom Bransford likes to hang out with some very old friends – some that date back to 753. He’s one of the last of a vanishing trade…a qualified clock repairman. Unleashing the Dragon (Boats) – A group of breast cancer survivors and advocates take the idea of pulling together to a whole new level. They recently competed at the International Dragon Boat Festival and these big boats mean big fun and a big impact. Tech Minute: Editing Photos – These days, getting great pictures is a snap – even after the camera is put away! The Streaker – He’s no Forrest Gump, but he has been running, and running, and running some more! 1,000 days and more than 3,200 miles later, we got up early to tag along and see what keeps him moving. Bait is Big Business – Howard’s Bait and Tackle Shop stands as an unchanging landmark in an area surrounded by development. Its founder, Howard Allen, has passed away, but his son has agreed to carry on the business and keep his father’s legacy alive.

November 27th – “Get Rowdy”
Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic – A three-time Olympic gold medalist and the voice of swimming for NBC, Rowdy Gaines is now 50 years old and a passionate advocate for the future of his sport. We caught up with him at a special event where we learned by so many people of all ages are diving into masters swimming. Finding Purpose Through the Pain – We all have a-ha moments in life, when we know it’s time to change our paths. At nearly 300 pounds, Heather Quillen knew she needed to make a drastic change. And after helping herself, she figured – why not do this for others? Tech Minute: FlipCam – What’s the size of a credit card and lets you capture amazing memories with the press of a button? Here’s a hint: say cheese. The Best of all Time – Mike Sigel is the baron of billiards – simply amazing. He started playing at the age of 13, turned pro by 20 and went on to win more than 100 professional tournaments. So what happened when he stepped out? His connection to the sport got even stronger.