Spark: Where Does America Stand?

Where Does America Stand? America’s Role as Empire Republic

September 8 at 6:30 pm @ The Moody

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The major events and challenges that will test America and the American President over the course of the next decade are many. Dr. George Friedman, CEO and founder of STRATFOR, takes geopolitical intelligence and forecasting to the next level and presents ideas from his most recent book The New York Times bestseller “The Next Decade: Where We’ve Been … and Where We’re Going,”

In this bestseller, Friedman discusses how he sees the need to rebalance America, and suggests a combination of foreign policy decisions and national realizations that must ensue in the next ten years. In the Author’s Note of the book he writes,

“I am addressing my greatest concern, which is that the power of the United States in the world will undermine the republic. I am not someone who shuns power. I understand that without power there can be no republic. But the question I raise is how the United States should behave in the world while exercising its power, and preserve the republic at the same time.”

Friedman currently presides as CEO of his company STRATFOR, which is a respected, global intelligence company founded in 1996, here in Austin. It follows a subscription- based model where they publish daily intelligence briefings to their subscribers. Their client list is confidential, but the company has garnered public respect, and includes subscribers from Fortune 500 companies and international government agencies.

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