City of Austin Supports Arts In Context

The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division recently announced its funding allocations for the 2012 fiscal year.  KLRU was awarded $9,000 to support the creation of new Arts In Context specials. This represents an increase in funding from the first year of our contract, which granted our station $3,862.

Arts In Context is an original KLRU production which reflects the creative culture in our local community and explores the people and things which make our lives more interesting — from the biggest bands to the unsung heroes, from the celebrated auteur to the starving artist.  Shot in high-definition and edited to present the same kind of quality you have come to expect from PBS national productions, Arts In Context fosters new creativity and talent as a vibrant representation of the performing arts in Austin.

This initiative is a “win” four times over:  KLRU succeeds in fulfilling its mission to bring the magic of local arts productions to viewers; Austin-based arts organizations that partner with us gain exposure and build name-recognition; Austin’s reputation for thriving, creative culture is strengthened; and affiliate PBS stations gain access to new content.

We are thrilled to continue partnering with the City in this endeavor — thank you!